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JumboRider 10-27-07 12:27 PM

Someone You Should Know
There are two heroes to be seen here.

Tom Stormcrowe 10-27-07 12:29 PM

Thanks, I've been looking for that video for a while now. I had it bookmarked before the last computer crash :D I couldn't find it after I got everything up and running again.

Bill Kapaun 10-27-07 12:52 PM

Kind of hard to stay dry eyed on that one!

jaxgtr 10-27-07 01:19 PM

wow, that is inspiring

BeckyW 10-27-07 03:03 PM

Wow. Thanks for posting that, Jumbo.

(51) 10-27-07 06:33 PM

Next time you cry about getting out of bed in the morning....

TallSteve 10-28-07 07:07 AM

kind of puts things in perspective doesnt it...

thanks for sharing.

photoassign 10-31-07 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by Bill Kapaun (Post 5531888)
Kind of hard to stay dry eyed on that one!

+1, but in a good way.

dmac49 10-31-07 11:28 AM

DAMN !!! Thank you. See there still are Super Hero's in this world.

JohnKScott 10-31-07 11:46 AM

I saw the Dick & Rick Hoyt DVD. I was a blubbering mess through a good part of it. I think I need to get that DVD to have at home. If I ever start to feel sorry for myself or feel like I can't accomplish something I just need to slide that in and watch it.

BTW... that man is an ANIMAL (in a good way). WOW!!

chunkyd 10-31-07 11:58 AM

Come on! You gotta warn a man before watching a video like that!!

Whoo! it was touch and go a few times! almost got me! :) Amazing!

Mofopotomus 10-31-07 08:49 PM

Anybody know what kind of front wheel that man was using ;-)

Spartan112 10-31-07 09:12 PM

I have no soul...all I could think about was how crappy the song was only to remind myself of the crappy movie it came from.

breadbin 11-01-07 02:35 AM

Thanks Jumbo

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