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Trebor Snave 11-06-07 11:35 AM

Ok, well that hurt.
Been off the bike for a month now; I dropped a large heavy object on my left great toe causing it to resemble a grape that had been stepped on. It ended up being a compound fracture so I've been giving it the benefit of the doubt for a few weeks.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll get a ride in tonight.

JohnKScott 11-06-07 02:41 PM

Good luck with that!

(51) 11-06-07 06:04 PM

And you didn't post pics?

Trebor Snave 11-07-07 08:45 AM

Luckily (for someone, not sure who) the only picture taken didn't get saved. It didn't look that bad, if you don't mind looking at blood and bone.

coyboy 11-08-07 08:21 PM

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I may have borke mine a few weeks back. It feels fine now

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