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Luke1511 01-20-08 11:37 PM

litespeed sizing info
Hey ya'll I looking for some one with some experience with Litespeed frame sizing. I am looking into a Icon and I currently have 56 Felt I feel cramped on. So my question is do I go with a L (57cm TT) with a 110mm stem or XL (59cm TT) and 100mm stem? I am 6' and have a 33.25 barefoot inseam, 33.75 with shoes. Conventional wisdom says get the 57 but I am not really interested in the radical racer feel and I feel like the 18cm head tube will be more comfortable. FWIW I am not really concerned with the standover. I just don't want to buy a 59cm frame and have it really be 60 or 61...any thoughts?

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