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Scummer 01-24-08 02:47 PM

Sooo.... what's new?
Man, it's good to be back on the bike, even if it's only on the indoor rollers.
I slacked off the last 2 month, didn't do a lot, mostly ate a lot during Thanks Giving and Christmas but a week ago I started riding my rollers again. Oh, it feels good to feel the pain in the legs again.

I also started a new job which doesn't allow me to ride my bike to work anymore :( Sux, but at least I got a Toyota Prius as my daily driver now, makes me feel a little bit better about not riding my bike and it's nice and warm in this f'n cold weather.

I've canned the plans for my Rocky Mountain 1200km randonee trip in Canada for this year as I got hit with an even higher property tax bill and an even higher flood insurance bill :( Maybe some other time.

Other than that, I've got to sign up for Tom's ADA team and I'm going to participate in the 30 mile ADA Lake Shore Drive ride as well. Should be fun. Woohooo.


Tom Stormcrowe 01-24-08 02:59 PM

Well, long time no see, my friend! Please do sign up!

Shubox 01-24-08 04:59 PM

Hey Scummer, I slacked off since my last shoulder surgery in August also. I could probably still bike but I'm scared. I should try the rollers though I really miss my bike. Doctor really butchered me up good this time and he "can do nothing more for me". /sigh

*edit to add*
Welcome, Shubox.
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