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Snapperhead 01-31-08 06:52 AM

First Kurt Ride
Well, I finally broke in the new Krut trainer and my new Specialized Tarmac last night. I did 10 miles and about 30 minutes or so.

I have two observations. Itís really an art form the stand and climb with the bike latched into one of those things. Ouch on the stock Specialized seat. I figured my past year in the saddle at spin class had prepared me. I was wrong. :D

Tom Stormcrowe 01-31-08 07:16 AM

Welcome to the world of winter training.

Caincando1 01-31-08 07:27 AM

I love my KK trainer. I ride it 3 days a week and honestly it's been a big benfit for me. Keep at it, it will give you one heck of a workout!

Snapperhead 01-31-08 07:43 AM


Originally Posted by Caincando1 (Post 6082935)
Keep at it, it will give you one heck of a workout!

Oh it did, no doubt. Not quite as fun as spin classes, but I didn't have to drive anywhere either. :)

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