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tomdaniels 02-03-08 12:06 PM

MTB Rim for Recumbent
I'm a 350lb, 6'5" clyde riding a long wheel base recumbent.
I am planning on having a bombproof rear wheel built that I can easily swap out with my current one during RABRAI.
I'm afraid that somewhere in the middle of Iowa that I'll be forced to replace a wheel with something less than optimal so I want to use the old one as a backup and ride the new one in confidence.

I'm thinking about a Sun Rhynolite rims and basically matching what I already have for hubs, cogs, etc.
Obviously, more spokes==better. Any advice on specifics?

Right now, I have a decent wheel on the back of it. (36h Mavic somethings.) Since it's a bent, it has mountain bike spacing in the rear. I don't want a super narrow wheel/tire setup. :)

2002 Rans Stratus XL

v1k1ng1001 02-03-08 01:22 PM

Sun Rhynolites used to be really great but I haven't looked at mtb stuff in 10 years. An XT level hub should work for you. You might also want to look around for a hub that has a higher flange, allowing the spokes to run shorter and wider. Chris King hubs used to be designed like this but they were really expensive.

thaetviking 02-03-08 02:25 PM

Tom I picked up a Sun Mammoth from Nashbar for $20 and had the guys at Skunk River build it up for me. I have running it all winter without a problem.

ang1sgt 02-04-08 06:06 AM

+1 on the Rhynolites and an XT Hubset. I would think you would want a hub that you could find parts for at almost ANY shop, and the XT would be the one to go with. I would stay with a 3 cross, 36 hole rim.

If not mistaken the Stratus should have a Velocity Aero on the front and that should be fine for your needs also.


tomdaniels 02-04-08 06:46 AM

Well, my stratus is an older XL. It has a small wheel up front. I sit so far back on this thing that I it'll take a wreck to hurt the front wheel. Knock on wood.

tomdaniels 02-04-08 07:11 AM

I just realized how ignorant I am of wheel details. If I want to build up a 40 spoke wheel, this dictates a hub that matches, right?

ang1sgt 02-04-08 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by tomdaniels (Post 6105352)
I just realized how ignorant I am of wheel details. If I want to build up a 40 spoke wheel, this dictates a hub that matches, right?

That is true Tom. If you think that more is going to help you, then consider getting an HB08 Shimano Tandem Hub. The problem with these hubs is the SPACING which happens to be at 145 mm would mean cold setting the frame and making other adjustment to get this to work. Might not be worth going that route. Off the top of my head, I don't know of any 135mm spaced hubs that are 40 spoke...

Chris King offers a 140 mm spaced Tandem hub but it only comes in a 36 hole max.

DT Swiss makes a 540 Tandem model, 135 mm spaced and 40 spokes. Poking around price wise that one will set you back $300 plus!

I still think the 36 hole XT hub is the way to go.


tomdaniels 02-04-08 09:21 AM

Thanks for the note on the 40h hub---no one is messing with my frame. The last thing I need is for someone to mess with the frame of my dearly beloved Stratus.

OK, I don't think a 40h monster is in my future. Looks like the stock hub is LX and now has an Mavic XC717 rim on it.

Since the current one will be my new backup and I want it to be easy to switch, can anyone see any issues with upgrading to the XT or is this just a weight saving issue that is a nonissue for a clyde like me? I prefer reliable and lower maintenance well before weight.

ang1sgt 02-04-08 09:57 AM

The issues are going to be:

1) dishing between one wheel to the next.
2) Brake adjustment due to the dishing above or the width of the rim.

Item #1 should be a non issue is your wheel is built properly
Item #2 could be an issue if there is a difference in rim width. If you are lucky, a quick barrel adjustment is all that you might need to get you down the road. It's times like these that I wish for Disc Brakes on old Recumbent Bikes!

On the Frame...As a Rans Rocket Rider myself, I can't see the need to change too much on my ol'Bent. She does just fine with the old 8 speed stuff and Grip Shift!


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