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Mazama 02-07-08 05:12 AM

Two Year Anniversary!
Two years ago today I began riding; 7,900 miles later I'd like to thank the people of these forums for the inspiration, information and motivation to keep going. I haven't lost a single pound, but I have redistributed some weight and I am much healthier because of my routine.

I look forward to cranking over the 10,000 mile mark this year, and beyond...

praetor 02-07-08 10:59 AM

:beer:Woo Hoo! Congratulations!:beer:

v1k1ng1001 02-07-08 02:20 PM

:beer: :D

Tom Stormcrowe 02-07-08 02:55 PM

Boooyah! Good for you and keep it up :D

JohnKScott 02-07-08 04:02 PM

Very cool. I hope I have that many miles at my 2 year mark!

Air 02-07-08 04:46 PM


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