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Askel 03-15-08 08:28 PM

An ode to Jake...
I have no idea who Jake is or why Kona named a bike after him, but the guy has gotta be pretty cool, even if they did call him a snake.

I bought my Jake for one reason only, cyclocross racing. I expected it to serve a rather specialized purpose and spend a lot of time hanging from my rafters outside the racing season. But over the course of late fall last year and now into early spring, it's quickly becoming my goto-jack-of-all trades bike leaving my road and mountain bikes to serve on the fringes of my cycling needs and collect a lot of dust.

And Jake must be a clyde, as this has got to be one of the most clyde friendly bikes I've ever ridden. The wheels are the most impressive thing I've ever seen outside of mountain bikes. I spent the cyclocross season last year north of 230 lbs and riding this thing over all manner of rocks, roots and rough trails. Not to mention repeatedly jumping on and off the thing in those same conditions. Not even so much as loose spoke. And this bike also has the widest handlebars I've ever seen on a production road bike.

Heck, even the cheap component spec is a benefit. I crashed out hard last year and filled one of my brifters with sand. It's still functioning, but if it does give up on me, Sora 8 speed brifters aren't too expensive.

Just finished mounting up fenders this evening. Might add a rack later this spring and use the bike as a tourer and commuter until cyclocross season kicks in again. But then again, given the right conditions, I might consider enterthing the Jake in a mountain bike race before then.

littleal 03-16-08 04:45 PM

Actually Jake the snake was a wrestler who specialized in bringing a snake in a burlap sack into
the ring and dumping it on his opponents chest after he pinned them.
Enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

v1k1ng1001 03-16-08 05:51 PM

bcart1991 03-17-08 07:56 PM

v1k1ng1001 03-17-08 08:06 PM

^^^ thanks. my pic didn't last very long

bcart1991 03-18-08 08:06 PM

Hacksaw Jim Duggan lived in my home town for a while.

Oh the days of Mid-South Wrestling on Sunday mornings...

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