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WhaleOil 03-26-08 06:23 AM

Posted in the General Cycling Forum as well but maybe you guys have a solution or a different search engine.

I'm in the market for a new jersey but I'm looking for one with either the VFW insignia and / or logo or the American Legion insignia and / or logo.

For once Google isn't helping me out much.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Oh yeah, and the POW MIA ones I've seen and of course they're all black of course, too hot for me I would think.


Halthane 03-26-08 06:52 AM

I'd say tribal wear is your best bet

WhaleOil 03-26-08 07:12 AM

does have an Army one, yellow too; that might work.


WhaleOil 03-26-08 07:14 AM

They do have an Army one, lots of yellow too; that might work.


WhaleOil 03-26-08 07:16 AM


WhaleOil 03-26-08 07:16 AM

sorry about the posting, something screwy going on here, but you get the idea.

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