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Askel 03-27-08 02:06 PM
Anybody ever deal with them?

Sounds like all their wheels are machine built, but they really play up their quality control.

Any actual clyde experience with their wheels? I'm mostly looking at their mountain bike wheels, but might consider some road wheels in the future.

Askel 04-03-08 03:52 PM

Yay! My new wheels came!

It'll still be a month or so before I can get these out on the trails, but the company was certainly easy to deal with and the wheels are as advertised.

Plus they packed them in real estate ads from Orange County, CA. Nothing like a great reminder of how cheap it is to live where I do. :D

Trucker_JDub 04-03-08 05:09 PM

So, I would take it from your post that you would order from them again? I see a road set on their site thats calling my name. I'm going to have to figure out a way to justify it to myself as my current wheels are in good shape. Thanks for the review. Keep us posted when you take them out for a couple spins.

Jynx 04-03-08 06:14 PM

SHOwned 04-03-08 08:39 PM

I wanna get a set of wheels since i trashed my old set in the crash i had a few weeks ago. I think i'd rather get mine built by since i can choose exactly what i want and just pay a little more. I want 36 spokes and 3x lacing for front and back...and all i see on is 32holes. i might be willing to pay a bit more for a few extra spokes and piece of mind.

George 04-03-08 09:21 PM

They hand built mine. I sent the front radial wheel back and told them to make me up a 3/c, because I weigh 200#. I checked with them the next day and they said they built it last night and they want to check it in the morning. When I got it 5 days later, every spoke was tensioned right on the money. If I had to order wheels again, it would be from them without a doubt.

ScotteeD 04-05-08 03:16 AM

I had a set of Rhyno lite wheels with XT hubs built last month for my mountain bike. They appear to built well, however I asked for shrader and they shipped me presta. Another problem is that it takes all my strength and patience to get a tire on and off of these rims. I had these built strictly for endurance mountain bike races, but I'm afraid that if I flat I will lose a considerable amount of time fixing it.

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