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flip18436572 05-11-08 02:39 PM

Windy Ride on Mother's Day
I road to a small town north of the small town I live in. It is 13.5 miles from my garage door to my wife's grandmother's garage door. It took over an hour to get there. I was going down a hill pedalling in my smallest front and second to largest rear at about 85 cadence and was doing 14.2 mph. DOWN HILL!!!!

I guess the gusts were only 35 mph, but I did get a side wind at one point and was able to pick up the pace, but the cross winds just about blew me off the shoulder of the highway into the gravel drop off.

The saying I heard growing up was that "It is windy in Iowa, because Nebraska sucks!!!', but I would guess most of the winds in the midwest were pretty bad today. I didn't see a runner or bicyclist today, and I usually see people at least running. They run on Christmas day, let alone Mother's day.

The return trip took me about 45 minutes, but I still had to deal with the winds for part of the ride, at least it wasn't the last part of the ride.

How was your Mother's Day ride????

wayne pattee 05-11-08 03:02 PM

I got lucky. Dry morning with 10 mph wind gusting to 25 but it started raining about 1 pm and I went to my sisters house for the mothers day feast to cancel out the morning bike ride.

jaxgtr 05-11-08 08:16 PM

We have been having a wind building for the last week, but Friday, Sat and Sunday were unbelievable. today wind were steady at 30 from the southwest and gust to 50. Just not safe in my book. It's still blowing about 20 and it is 10:15 pm. I so hope it dies tonight as I have a group ride I want to attend tomorrow.

KirkeIsWaiting 05-11-08 08:26 PM

I walked into the Pub where I keep all of my bikes, looked at each adoringly, gave off a long sweet smile to the Waterford that got a BEAUTIFUL new white Rolls saddle and went out to work in my gardens today.
That was a close as I got to riding.
I spent the day with the two people that mean the most to me.
It was a very good day.

b_young 05-11-08 10:09 PM

I wimped out due to the winds. I did have a very enjoyable day with the family and parents though.

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