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DTSCDS 05-14-08 04:58 PM

Any Clydes/Athenas riding in Richardson TX Saturday?
This Saturday is the Richardson Wild Ride and from what I hear it's pretty popular. Anyone planning on doing it?
This will be my wife and my first ride. We are going to do the 16 miler. I am just hoping to finish before everyone packs up and goes home.
I am planning on making some kind of "Student Driver" type sign so everyone will know to give us lots of space.
If you are there and see us give us a shout.
We will be on Trek 7.3 Hybrids and wearing matching blue jerseys (the wife's idea :notamused:)

Jtgyk 05-14-08 09:59 PM

I was going to...then was informed that they needed me at work that weekend.:mad:

I'll definitely be doing the Collin Classic next month though.:thumb:

StephenH 05-14-08 10:25 PM

Planning on it...forecast says it is to clear up.

If you're doing the 16 mile route, no problem- no matter how long you take, people will still be on the longer routes when you finish.

Also check in the Texas forum- there's a post on it there.

evblazer 05-15-08 07:42 AM

With the folks I know there seems to be a pretty even split between the richardson wild ride and the cross timbers classic as far as attendence since they are on the same day :( The biggest deciding factor being which side of the metroplex people live on. That being said I'll be over at the cross timbers classic since it is only 14 miles from my house.

Oh and if you want alot of space just put something that looks like aerobars on your hybrid. People will give you LOTS of space if you do that :D G'luck on the road and hav fun out there with the wife.

StephenH 05-15-08 11:36 AM

I'm thinking to take The Thing on the 20 mile they give me lots of space. :)

DTSCDS 05-15-08 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by StephenH (Post 6697154)
If you're doing the 16 mile route, no problem- no matter how long you take, people will still be on the longer routes when you finish.

That's what I mean--I'm hoping to finish before the 60 mile crowd gets done and has packed up and gone home. My fear is we will come struggling in and the whole parking lot is deserted. Just our sad little van sitting alone in a sea of concrete and one poor soul that had to remain behind until every rider makes it back in. He's bitter, angry and lost the will to live because of the wait for us to straggle in.

DTSCDS 05-18-08 12:16 AM

Well we made it! We were worried about being able to ride in a big pack and getting in other folks way. So, we took the advice of a friend--a twiggy, carbon fiber, hard-charging racing type--who said we should start at the rear of the short course pack. Then if we find ourselves at a faster pace we can work our way up toward the front.
So we started more toward the back and did indeed find ourselves at a faster pace than lots of folks. So, after the thundering herd started to spread out a bit, we started working our way up. We hit the turn where the 16 mile route turned and the 40 & 60+ courses kept going straight and BRIEFLY considered trying for the 40. But we decided to stick with the original plan and made our turn. We hit the rest area and participated in the banana, orange and water feasting. Talked to a few nice folks and then headed back out. Had more uphill sections on the last 7 miles (at least what passes for uphills here in the flatlands of Dallas). We finished in about 1.5 hours counting our rest area stop and another stop to retrieve a water bottle that somehow failed to find its way back into the cage.
All in all it was a very enjoyable experience that will be repeated frequently.
While at the post ride celebration we talked to a group that all had on Lone Star Ride jerseys. It looks like they may have talked us into riding that this September--100 miles the first day then about 50-75 the second.
I guess we better get on the distances if we want to finish that one!

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