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st0ut 05-17-08 02:43 PM

brand new bike FINALLY and my apoligies for all the new england area riders.
I am sorry i have know this bike has been at my LBS for a while but i said nothing as i WANTED it...

I pulled the trigger the tax refund came in and i did it.

My new ride is a Fuji Tourer. WOW is this differnet from my trek 5200. SMOOTH. releaxed

I have only put a few KMs on it so far as i have only had a few hours. and i had to coach soccer today. but so far i am plaesed .
My LBS rock union cycle in Attle Boro MA. they asked me what my experiecne is what how i ride what do i expect. we went from race bike to tourer and i am very happy not to have a to be a superhero to ride kbut i can if i want.

the best part is that i can turn the car off for the rest of the season.
TAB is hooked up. ready for my dialy work long weekend rides and my family rides.

Air 05-17-08 03:01 PM


bdinger 05-17-08 04:02 PM

Wow, nice ride! I'm now convinced that touring bikes are the normal man's road bike :). Nearly as fast, but infinitely more comfortable. Welcome to the clyde touring bike club! :D

jaxgtr 05-17-08 04:11 PM

That's nice.

st0ut 05-18-08 06:12 PM

Ride report

Speed / acceleration: Coming from my carbon race bike to a Steel tourouring bike the top end speed didnt not feel that from off from the race bike. BUT where as my 5200 would statrt froma dead stop to FAST in the blink of an eye this takes a bit of rolling to get up to speed but the fuji has a 52 big ring :thumb:

Handeling: Where as the trek 5200 was sketchy and definatly point and shoot :twitchy: the Fuji tourer felt like it was following my command instead of trying to anticipate my thoughts. the down sie is fitting tru thight spaces at speed are not going to happen ie treading a car door and on coming traffic at spped threading the needle.

Braking: brakes stoped the steed in the the correct amount of time without over shooting or over breaking my target stop area. :bike2:

Comfort: The carbon bike every bump felt like I was holding a 1in diameter dowel rod and someone was hitting it with a baseball bat. the Tourer bike with kenda tires and steel frame the bike was whispering "bump" to my palms that was a comfort i didnt know existed.

Downsides: SHIFTING grrrr :notamused: the 5200 had ultegra compnents this has a mix of sora and tiagra. For the last 10 years i have been shifting up with the small lever for the rear casetees and the big lever shifted down. Big lever = going to bigger ring small lever = going to a smaller ring. This is COMPLETLY opposite. So i am finding myself shifting UP to climb and shifting down on decents.

Still dropping my wife on her 7100 but my 6yo son can keep pace on his specialized hotrock. additioanly I find myself doing things on this i would NEVER do on my trek 520 ie cut acroos a grass field there is one path that we take that was deep gravel. i would have to dismount the 5200 and walk (in roadie shoes no less) but i can stay on this bike and ride the path.

the emoticons are his work as we wrote this.

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