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SkippyX 05-26-08 12:04 AM

Busted Spokes/Burned Feet/New LBS
Hey Y'all.

Went out for a ride this morning/early afternoon. I was wearing sandals. In Texas.

Stupid, I know. But, at least the pavement beaters aren't too badly singed.

While I was out I busted another spoke, so I started asking around on the street: "pardon me, but do you know if there's a bike shop around here?" One guy on a mountain bike directed me to one about a quarter mile away. I dropped by there and they fixed the wheel then & there. They even tossed me a bottle of water and hung out & kicked it w/ me - an obviously out-of-shape VERY inexperienced bicyclist (last time I owned a bike, it had 10 speeds). I told them that the busted spokes were getting to be a recurring problem (fat boy, cheap wheels), so he's going to have a new wheel for me in his shop on Thursday. While he was fixing my spoked he tightened up the cables and made some other adjustments on the bike. He only charged $15 for all that. I'm thinkin' I'm going to be doing quite a bit of business at this place.

Anyways - two downsides - (busted spoke, burned feet) and one upside - a very cool new LBS discovered.

All in all - a damned good day.

StephenH 05-26-08 12:18 AM

So what part of Texas are you in?

Big_e 05-26-08 12:47 AM

Yeah, I'm kinda curious myself.

StephenH 05-26-08 01:10 AM

By the way, long long ago, my wife and I went to the beach. We managed to avoid sunburn...except our feet, got the tops of our feet burned real good, couldn't hardly get shoes on. Ouch.

SkippyX 05-26-08 04:14 AM

Houston. Off of Ella - Just North of the 610 loop.

And the tops of my feet are EXACTLY the part that got burned.

Yer right. Ouch.

idig 05-26-08 06:23 AM

I ride in sandals too (San Antonio). You gotta get that base tan before you sport them on a long ride. You'll have one when the burn heals, so problem solved.

Air 05-27-08 06:05 AM

Whoa - great find!

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