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esaunders 05-29-08 06:42 AM

WooHOO!!! The advice is definitely helping!
YAY me!

Went out last night after a couple days off and hit a couple of milestones: Tried throwing another 1/2 km on & felt good enough at the end that I kept going (bumping my distance from 4km to at least 7km) and I got my butt off the sidewalk and onto the road! (with the exception of left turns where I used the cross walk)

I'm chalking it up to the advice I've been implementing in bike adjustments and technique. Thanks a bunch!!

I'm feeling it today, though not like I expected. Somehow this makes it even better!

ban guzzi 05-29-08 06:45 AM


good for you!

Always nice to hear...

After a bit, sidewalks are scarier than roads...

Spartan112 05-29-08 06:53 AM

Keep it up, you'll be piling on the miles before you know it.

bautieri 05-29-08 07:07 AM

Great work!

Air 05-29-08 07:14 AM


Originally Posted by ban guzzi (Post 6779061)
After a bit, sidewalks are scarier than roads...

Very true!

Congrats on the benchmarks, they add up quickly ;)

cyberpep 05-29-08 07:22 AM

Way to go esaunders!
Even now after years of cycling I still will make left turns at some intersections using the cross walks.
It doesn't matter if you had the right of way when you get hit and are on the pavement, you still hurt.
Keep it up!

rollerdavem 05-29-08 11:54 AM

Good on you, Esaunders!

Isn't it amazing how your abilities catch on so quick?

Before you can get your head around how far you can go, you can go further than before!

Best just to go for it!

Keep it up, it's doable and oh so worth it.


DTSCDS 05-29-08 03:48 PM

I seem to not really notice my progress. It seems to just get easier until you look back where you started and can't believe how far you've come.
BTW--I hate left turns in traffic too. There is just something about taking that left lane that gives me the willies.

v1k1ng1001 05-29-08 04:09 PM


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