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mkwdrs 05-30-08 09:15 AM

Specialized Sequoia or Touring Bike ?
It is getting decision time. Most riding will be for fitness/weight loss of about 30 - 40 miles. I plan to do 2 or 3 century rides as well. I am overweight at 275 (5' 10"), so I go no where fast. Just a nice steady and comfortable pace. Definitely prefer a more upright riding position. Tried a Specialized Roubaix, but still could not get bars high enough. So I need something that will allow a more upright riding position.

One definite possibility is the Spec Sequoia Elite. Owned one quite a few years back. I liked the bike. Seems the only thing that I didn't like was when I was standing to climb, the seat was hitting the back of my legs too much. On other road type bikes that I have owned this didn't happen. Sequoia seems to fit my riding needs and would be comfortable for centuries. However, cannot find any to test ride.

Other possibility is a touring bike. Considering LHT, Novara Randonee, and Fuji Touring. Only finding Randonee to test ride. I have had steel frame road bikes (Fuji Roubaix Pro) in the past and loved the ride. Granted these bikes would be heavier, but as I said, I'm not going anywhere fast anyway. They allow a more upright riding position. I know that I can find a Randonee to test, possibly a Fuji Touring, but no LHT or Trek 520's to be found in stock. I will not do any major touring to speak of.

So, what to do as the money is burning my pocket?

epcolt 05-30-08 10:26 AM

The Sequoia is more of a touring/upright frame. I was looking at them at the shop yesterday. Owner said they are more comfortable for regular riding than the Allez.

blewgo 05-30-08 11:30 AM

I was deciding between a Sequoia Elite and a Roubaix Elite. I ended up with a Roubaix because I wanted the carbon frame, but ended up on a 56 instead of a 54 Sequoia. The Sequoia is a nice bike!

badgermac 05-30-08 12:35 PM

Just got my Sequoia the other day. Haven't had time to take it out on a longer voyage, but I love the time I've had on it thus far!

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