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bamm 06-01-08 11:36 PM

Think I'm going to buy this tomorrow..
I'm a big guy at 5'10" 440lbs. I've been saying for years i was going to start riding again. Well i think i've decided on this bike. Let me know if you think its a good choice.

Initially I'll be using it for rides on paved bike trails, then dirt trails, and i think thats about it. Here is a link to the bike.

Any reason i shoudl look for a different bike? Can i ride it right out of the shop or do i need to do any upgrades?

c_m_shooter 06-01-08 11:55 PM

That's the Clyde's house bike. Throw some high pressure slicks on it and go. I bet the orange one is the fastest.:thumb:

Big_e 06-02-08 12:05 AM

That's a nice bike. Should be good to ride out the door. Ride it first to see if you need upgrades. Make sure the seat is comfortable. Get a water bottle cage put on that bike, tire pump and under seat tool bag. Don't forget the matching helmet or better yet a nice bright white helmet. You're getting the size 24 bike right? Smaller frames may be great on dirt trails as they give you more control but are a pain if you like to ride alot on pavement such as nice paved bike trails.
PS: Oops! While the tech has the bike on the rack, make sure the brakes work and pads don't drag on the wheel, slowing it down. Get the tech to check tire pressure and shift through all the gears several times to ensure that the derailleur works properly and the chain doesn't fall off the gears as you ride. I hate buying a new bike just to have trouble shifting on my first ride.

bdinger 06-02-08 06:59 AM

Buy buy buy! :) I can't say enough good things about this bike, just search for posts by/with me and the word "Hardrock". I've put nearly 3,000 miles on mine in the past two years, starting around the 420lb mark. Mr Bad Mofo has only left me stranded - kind of - once, but that's almost my own fault because ole boy gave me plenty of warning. Here's a pic:

I've changed:
Saddle: Specialized Sonoma 155 (GREAT change)
Pedals: Wellgo "BMX platform" (if you have huge feet, they should be a requirement)
Brake Pads: Kool Stop dual compound salmon/black (again, should be required for us big folks)
Tires: Specialized Nimbus Armadillo (COMPLETELY change the character of this bike, it really rides like a dream with these)
Crankset: Shimano Alivio (stock one gave up the ghost at about 3,000 miles, can't say I blame it.. :D)

Whilst cleaning it on Saturday, I discovered some pretty nasty cracks in the rim, so it'll be getting a new rear wheel soon. But seriously, here's the deal. I weighed about 420lbs when I got it, beat the snot out of it for a year. Got another bike so I relegated the HR to rain/offroad duty where it got even more snot beat out of it. Then this year while awaiting a new bike, I rode it for a month or two as my primary commuter where, you guessed it, I beat more snot out of it. I've broken some stuff, sure, but for $350 (what i paid new for mine) you really can't go wrong AT ALL.

This is one bike I'll keep forever, just because it's one I always know I can just jump on and take for a blast.

bamm 06-02-08 11:18 AM

Hey Everyone,

is this the same bike? I called my LBS and said i was looking for a 24 and they told me these only go up to 21. Then i found this on craigslist. would this work for me?

bdinger 06-02-08 11:24 AM

WAY too small for you, and WAAAY overpriced.

The rockhopper line, I know for a fact goes up to a 23in frame size. I'm pretty sure the Hardrock does as well.

bamm 06-02-08 11:36 AM

What size do you reccomend i look for? Is the higher # the smaller bike? I cant tell the difference between the one i posted from the manufacturer and the one on craigslist. I would prefer to buy one online, if i do it that way am i looking for a Specialized HardRock Sport 24?

deraltekluge 06-02-08 11:56 AM

Bigger number is a bigger bike. In that bike, 24 is large...the largest size they make. A 5' 10" person is of about average height, and probably should use a medium-sized bike...that would be about a 19 in that bike. That's not an absolute, but it's the place you should start looking for a fit.

From the Specialized website: Size 12 15 17 19 21 24

You might start by reading what Sheldon Brown had to say about the subject of bike sizes:

badgermac 06-02-08 12:19 PM

I'm 5'11", but have a 30" inseam, and took a medium in my '07 Hardrock Sport. Fits me very well, but it all depends not only on inseam but on length of torso, etc. even in a MTB I believe. Don't buy sight-unseen if you can at all help it.

Ray Dockrey 06-02-08 03:03 PM

I am 5' 10" with a 29" inch inseam and ride a 17".

mjolniir 06-02-08 03:25 PM

I am 6' 3" with a 34" inseam and I ride a 21" Hardrock Sport. IMO You would need to be 6' 4" + to ride the 24"

bamm 06-02-08 09:01 PM

Well... I called all the local stores in my area none of them have the Specialized i was looking for. One guys says he has a TREK that MIGHT work... Not very good customer service... Can someone reccomend a website to buy from?

deraltekluge 06-02-08 09:26 PM

Did you read all the posts that told you that you were probably looking for the wrong size bike?

I don't think you can buy a Trek or a Specialized new on-line...the manufacturers want to have the final assembly and adjustments done by someone who knows what he's doing.

bamm 06-02-08 09:43 PM

I was calling around for a 17...

djwright 06-02-08 10:09 PM

Just remember your first bike won't be your last bike. So get it and get rolling. You may find that being heavier than the bike was designed for will mean more wear and tear on some components (brakes, spokes) so keep up on it and stay safe.

Good luck!

djwright 11-11-08 11:27 PM

So did you get it?

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