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vorkus 06-25-08 09:30 PM

New guy and new bike
Hi I've been lurking for awhile and just decided joined. I've been riding an old 2003 Wildewood Deluxe and recently bought a Giant TCX 1. I'm in the super-clyde category at 320 lbs (5'11") down from about 400.

I'm a rail trail rider primarily and wanted to start some road riding. My LBS recommended the TCX. I managed to get to 120 miles on the wheels before breaking a rear spoke. Fortunately I had only ridden 2 miles when it broke. 10 min ride followed by a 35 min walk. :)

I knew the wheels weren't going to last long but I was hoping more than 2 weeks of riding. Anyone else have a TCX or other cyclo-cross bike? Any good or bad things to say. I love the bike so far once I got it adjusted. My LBS didn't even have the bike setup right when I took it home.

Second question. Anyone here true their own wheels? Or even build their own? I trued the Wildewood several times. When I started riding at about 360 it wasn't an option.



bdinger 06-26-08 07:31 AM

Welcome to the forums! I'll start with the second question first, and yes I've trued my own wheels - many times :). Once you get the hang of it, and figure out the "tricks" it's actually a very pleasing - even fun - process. Some hints that I've learned, the biggest being to remember to never LOOSEN a spoke. That was my big newbie mistake last year :) Also make sure you aren't turning the spoke itself, just the nipple. My final - and probably biggest - is to use a tensionometer. Spoke tension is half the game, from what I've learned, and many times this can save a lot of headaches.

Now, regarding your Giant, I have a slight bit of bad news. The reason you popped a spoke is quite simple - those wheels have too few spokes! Us big guys on 24 spoke wheels just aren't a combo that should be considered. I'd recommend finding a shop (maybe not your LBS, as you said they didn't have it setup right) that can build you a good rear, and maybe even a front wheel. The Velocity Deep-V is quite popular, but seeing that you are riding rail trails - which I'm assuming are gravel - I would recommend the Salsa Delgado rim coupled with a 36h hub (Deore/LX/XT all are great) and 36 high quality spokes.

Good luck, and enjoy the bike!

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