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mdickerson3000 06-27-08 08:37 PM

Hardrock Pro
I picked up my Specialized Hardrock Pro Disk in a 24 inch frame :thumb:. I got the LBS to change the tires to road tires, add a pair of bar ends, computer and lock. I have question. Is it possible to raise/change the handle bars so that Im in a more upright stance? I will post some pics soon. I rode 5 miles this evening and I'm already sore. Well Im starting out 364 pounds, 6'5". I didn't up grade the front forks, the LBS informed that you are able to lock the front forks on the pro and hopefully no problems. It really felt good to get out there and ride w/ my wife. My goal is 230 pounds and cant wait to accomplish it. Well I got get up 6 am and get in 40-60 minutes.

bautieri 06-27-08 08:42 PM

Congratulations on the new ride, you'll be putting up the big miles in no time. Take things easy at first until your body becomes accustomed to riding a bicycle again. Also be sure to share your adventures with us.

Welcome to the stable


Quest2008 06-27-08 08:42 PM

Congrats and Good Luck with your goal! You've just put in the first 5 miles of the rest of your life!:thumb:

bobjenkins79 06-29-08 10:06 AM

Hey man, congratulations on taking a big first step:) You'll be smashing hills in no time.

Your LBS should have fitted you to the bike already. If they haven't you really oughta take it back in there and have them measure you out. Having your bike fit properly is crucial to how sore you are the next day.

Welcome to the obsession my friend

derecola 06-29-08 08:32 PM

we need pics...

heckler 06-29-08 09:48 PM

you can swap out the stem for a more upright position. There are also adjustable stems that let you vary depending on your riding.

The specilized site says you have a 10 degree rise on it now

the other way of being upright is lowering your seat. This is normally not advised for road riding as your seat hight is pretty important for pedaling efficency.

That bike should serve you well. And if you do any really long distances you can get a rigid fork later.

v1k1ng1001 06-29-08 10:42 PM

Yeah, don't lower your saddle. See if they'll swap out your stem for something that has some rise.

Also, your upper body strength will increase as you ride. It takes a while for those muscles to tone up too.

mdickerson3000 07-13-08 09:00 PM

Thanks for all the help...I dropped off my bike @ the LBS and they are changing out the stem for me. I took some pics but they were 1.2 mega pixels. When I get the bike back I will post the pics...

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