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saxonrider 06-28-08 12:31 PM

Ohio Newbie
Hey all!

My name is Shawn and I just joined the forums. I am writing to you from Fairborn, Ohio...any other Miami Valley cyclists out there? I just got back into cycling after not having rode since high school and a brief stint a few years ago with a beach cruiser. I originally bought my new bike for commuting and a little excercise but I have been bit by the bug and am seriously looking forward to my condition improving, my weight decreasing, and then getting into road bikes and racing recumbants! First things first though...I bought a Giant Revive and though it took about a week to find that "sweet spot" with all of the possible adjustments...I LOVE this machine! I have gotten up to 26 mph on it on a SLIGHT decline and 24 mph on flat road and 16 mph on I'd say a 20+% incline. It is the comfiest thing I've ridden so far and while the body looks odd, I dig it because I can put bumper stickers all over it. I've almost got my wife back into biking as well and into a Giant Suede. I'm thinking of keeping the old cruiser and doing a chop shop on it to make a nifty bike of my own design and also to get more familiar with dealing with the mechanics of cycles. Any advice and fellowship is appreciated. Ride Free! :recum:

epcolt 06-28-08 02:01 PM


audiofx 06-28-08 02:45 PM

Welcome! I am also a fellow Ohioan. Northeast Ohio to be exact.

cooleric1234 06-28-08 09:07 PM

Welcome. I just moved away from Fairborn, Ohio to Denver. Just missed you.

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