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DnvrFox 07-01-08 03:40 PM

"Older" Clydesdales? Athenas?

I haven't seen a thread on older Clydes and Athenas. Perhaps I have missed it. If there are any other older folks, please introduce yourself.

Are there others out there?

I am 68.7 years old, about 5'11" and am at 215 lbs as of today. A few years back I was at 240 lbs. I ride a Lemond BA (almost 10 years old) a Windsor Leeds roadie, a Specialized Hardrock, and have a beater mtn bike as a trainer in the basement.

My wife is 70.7 years old and rides a Trek hybrid and a Specialized Mtn Bike. She used to have a Cannondale R300 roadie, but never got used to it, even after 600 miles. So we sold it for the hybrid.

I ride about 150 miles per week - today, a friend (66yo) and I did a 40 mile ride in 90F heat. It was a lot of fun.

I am going to be very happy if I can get my weight to 210 pounds and just keep it there. I do a lot of weight lifting, swimming and walking, also, and keep in pretty good muscular shape.

Well, just wanted to say "Hi!" and find any other "older" clydes or Athenas on this forum. I've been a BFN participant for about 7 years now, but have not spent too much time in this forum. It looks as if I have about 75 posts in this forum over the past few years.

Thanks for reading!

Tom Stormcrowe 07-01-08 04:54 PM

I'm a few months shy of 49, and my race age is 49 for license purposes. Glad to have you here, Dnvr! :D

Little Darwin 07-01-08 05:04 PM

I am 51, and hang out in 50+ sometimes too... I didn't realize you were a clydesdale. I guess if I had paid more attention to the weight loss challenge thread over there I might have. :o

Weight is somewhere just north of 350.

DnvrFox 07-01-08 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by Little Darwin (Post 6982550)
I am 51, and hang out in 50+ sometimes too... I didn't realize you were a clydesdale. I guess if I had paid more attention to the weight loss challenge thread over there I might have. :o

Weight is somewhere just north of 350.

Although I started the first 50+ weight loss challenge, the thread has been restarted by others, and I have not participated for some time.

I decided this last year that I was no longer going to consciously try to lose weight. I will eat correctly, exercise correctly, and if the weight comes off, fine. If not, fine. I do weigh myself periodically just to be sure that I am not ballooning, but so far, I have lost about 10 pounds that way, and I am TIRED of counting this and that, and keeping track, etc.

v1k1ng1001 07-01-08 06:51 PM

I have to keep up with all the college students around here so I feel pretty old at 34. :D

Bone Head 07-01-08 09:13 PM

I'll be 49 in 3 days. I have trouble (read can't) keeping up w/ some of the 60 & 70 yo folks that are in the morning group ride w/ Fat Frogs or the evening ride w/ Conte's (Both LBS's in Virginia Beach @ Red Mill Commons). I can only hope to be in that kind of shape one day.........

Sorry, I had to work in the blatent plug for both shops....

Mr. Beanz 07-01-08 10:15 PM

What's meant by 'OLDER'? Well, Gina the Athena has done 3,000 miles every year for the last 3 in a row. Maybe 2,000 each of the previous 10 years. 45 y/o and grandmother of 6!:D

5'4 and I can't tell her weight!:p

dahoss2002 07-02-08 01:46 AM

47 in august here! Nice pics again Mr Beanz!

wayne pattee 07-02-08 03:14 AM

52 here.
Good thread DnvrFox. I hope I'm able to ride into my 80s.
I look at people older than me and it gives me hope for my cycling future.
I'm 5'10" and curntly 215.
I have 3 older road bikes and a hybrid.

piper_chuck 07-02-08 04:59 AM

I'll be celebrating the first anniversary of my 49th birthday in January. :) I'll probably always be a clyde, but working on getting closer to the cutoff line, and more importantly, staying there.

Bionicycle 07-02-08 09:53 AM

I'll be 48 in Nov. Still too young to join AARP, or hang out on the 50+ fourum, dangit.:)

Bill Kapaun 07-02-08 01:46 PM

I turned 60 las January. I'm 6', 230 and slowly shrinking.
I was mighty close to 300 in the early 90's, and went to light beer and then no beer.
The last few years, I'd reach about 250 over the Winter and work it down to about 225 in the Fall.
The end of this Winter, I was 230! I went from nacho cheese Doritos, to plain chips and salsa to no chips over the last year+.
I'd like to lose a few more lbs., but not too much more. It seems every time I get down around 200, I end up catching pneumonia from being too run down. I do want to lose "inches" though!
Some day, I want to have the confidence to buy smaller size pants without fear of gaining weight and not being able to wear them! I wish they made them in 1" waist increments so I could go 1/2 way to the next smaller size.:)

Pamestique 07-02-08 03:00 PM

I'm 57 and a half! For the last 10 years or so I was 5'8" and about 220 getting down to 205 at one point. After cancer treatment and surgery and a lack of riding, my weight is up, back to a spot it hasn't been for many years. Makes me sad! :( Working hard to get back at least to my fighting weight. Someday I would like to drop below 200...

My roadie is a 2002 Lemond Zurich. Last year I added beautiful custom wheels and plan on having the bike awhile. I tend tomountainb ike more and am currently riding a 2006 Santa Cruz Superlight and a 2002 Spec. Stumpjumper M4 hardtail. After a series of bikes between 2002 and 2006, I finally fell in love with the Superlight!

unixpro 07-02-08 04:38 PM

I'm 49 right now. I commute 28 miles/day year round. I also throw in a couple of centuries when I'm feeling frisky; usually when the wife is out of town.

grayloon 07-02-08 04:45 PM

59 in August and have just gotten back on the bike. I'm up to 14 miles at least three times a week, want to do it more, but life gets in the way. Ride an '83 Nishiki touring bike most of the time. In wet weather, I switch to a Gary Fisher mtn bike I'm converting to street/utility use with 1.5 slick tires. I'm at 238...5'9" with a goal of 190. Hope to do a century in October.

pharding 07-02-08 06:52 PM

I'm 56.

ATAC49er 07-03-08 08:22 PM

Turned 49 'bout four months ago; 6'1", stable in the 225-230 range, and it would be kinda sweet to have a bigger circle to ride with. Right now, it's two, and one is deployed in Iraq. So I ride a lot by myself, or with my daughter and/or nephew -- she's 10, he's 5, so those rides are pretty much 'recovery'.

Due to the limitations of life as I know it, I have one bike; I want as much versatility as I can get, so it's a mtn. bike; FS/AM, and I just put some new rubber on it -- Intense Micro Knobbys, they ROCK!! They're urban tires, and have pretty well convinced me where I need to go when this bike is finished (hardtail w/ susp. post).

Just don't see the transition to skinny tires, so there are quite a few of you I couldn't keep up with. I'll wave as you go by, though.

jerryt 07-03-08 11:17 PM

I'm 68+ and trying to get back into biking for fun and health. I'm about 242 bouncing between 230 -250 in the last 2 years.
I hardly post but for a few in the electric bike section where I tout my eZee Quando. Now I'm seriously considering a 2007 Norco 24 speed with disc brakes which I will electrify but which I can ride without power assist for exercise.
I am a caregiver for my wife and consequently don't ride too far or too often. Mostly for errands and shopping. But I sure enjoy reading bike travel blogs and this forum.

tntom 07-03-08 11:35 PM

55 Here

maddmaxx 07-04-08 02:01 PM

62 here. I wander back and forth between 225 and 205. (lately I've been doing too little wandering and am actually hovering at 225). I stop by here every now and then to read about everyone's accomplishments.

Rumblejohn 07-04-08 08:48 PM

I am 61, 6'4", 280lbs, ride 70-100 miles per week.


bransom 07-05-08 08:41 AM

I just turned 50 last week. 6' 1" and 258 lbs., and hoping to shrink that over the coming months.


Tex_Arcana 07-05-08 09:19 AM

Turning 50 in the last week of August.

Bone Head 07-05-08 01:46 PM

Still not ready for the AARP card but I rode my age today. Happy 49th Birthday To ME!! I went out for the normal 20 mile loop which has a longer option of "riding to the store" in Creeds and back -- a 33 mile total. I felt good so I went for the longer option. Just after leaving the store my mind starts to wander & "Well, since it is my birthday, why not "Ride my Age"?" It will be a good training ride for the century (One Helluva Ride" I plan on riding next weekend. Sooooo........ after 49.55 miles I was back at the bike shop & feeling GREAT!!
I'm looking forward to riding a century on the appropriate birthday!!

epcolt 07-05-08 07:25 PM

51 here. 5"10", 266. Try t get 100 a week but had a lot of hard rain this summer slowing down the ride time.

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