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Fastflyingasian 07-01-08 10:58 PM

anybody ride the MS cape cod getaway
i was just curious if anybody rode the ms ride this weekend the 28-29th. i thought it was a good weekend of riding and met alot of good people. i had never ridden this ride before. day 1 i rode the 75 mile route and same with sunday. on sunday after hopping the ferry back to quincy i rode home to finish off my first century :D. also what were your times.

saturday left 7:45 finished at 1pm, also broke a spoke at mile 25 on the rear rim. limped it to every rest stop hoping for a bike mechanic to have a spoke. no dice.

sunday left 6am after finally finding a mechanic with a spoke. arrived at the finish at 12pm. riding to p-town the sun was just brutal. i started carrying one bottle of water to dump on me and the other with gatorade. i felt more drained than when we had that heat wave up here and i keep much higher pace during workout rides.

bautieri 07-02-08 06:24 AM

I didn't ride but would like to congratulate you on your first century, great work!

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