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Wogster 07-16-08 09:17 AM

stupid bus
This isn't what you think,

I was riding the bus home from work, someone stepped on my foot, broke the last bone out on the big toe, according to the doctor, walking will be difficult for the next 2 weeks, so I am off bike for the next 2 weeks as well...... So I am back on the DL :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

st0ut 07-16-08 09:29 AM

for a toe? have your Sig Other kiss it better and go ride.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-16-08 09:31 AM

Big toe, yeah, that might get a tad painful......

Not to mention the fact that 50% of our walking balance and foot strength comes from our big toes. :(

keithm0 07-16-08 10:25 AM

I've broken my smallest toes many times (I'm a klutz) but never a big toe. Ouch!

Heal well!

Air 07-16-08 10:38 AM

Ugh - be really careful with it! Don't want it to heal funny, would make life much more difficult.

Trebor Snave 07-16-08 11:24 AM

I broke my big toe last fall; dropped a large, heavy object on it. Compound fracture and a bunch of stitches.

I was able to walk on it (with a limp) for the next few days, I could run (jog, in my case) on it after 10 days, within a couple of weeks it had pretty much gone back to normal - as long as I didn't stub it or let anyone step on it. Those will still drop me, 8 months later.

You shouldn't need to stay on the DL for too long, is all I'm sayin'.

wiggles 07-16-08 11:31 AM

Could he get a metal splint or something to hold it steady and spread any pressure over a larger area? Might make your life a little easier.

Missbumble 07-16-08 11:37 AM

OOOH - Hope you feel better!!!

Wogster 07-16-08 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by wiggles (Post 7071721)
Could he get a metal splint or something to hold it steady and spread any pressure over a larger area? Might make your life a little easier.

Well, actually the way they splint it, is simply to tape it to it's neighbour, you should see the bruise, all because some dumba** was in too big a hurry to get off a crowded bus. Funny thing is, I work at a job, where it's possible to drop something on your feet all the time, and never injured it before..... I think I will get a pair of steel toed boots for the bus though..:D

jyossarian 07-16-08 12:20 PM

How heavy was the dumbass that stepped on your toe? Or was the dumbass wearing stiletto heels?

77midget 07-16-08 12:43 PM

Ouch! that's the way it always happens though-make it through the mine field and trip on the fence!

bcc 07-16-08 02:36 PM

Ouch, I'm sorry to hear that :(

I broke the toe next to the little one once - hurt like hell, but healed quickly. Fingers crossed your big toe doesn't take too long to heal.

Wogster 07-28-08 06:58 PM

Well, tomorrow night I head back to work, tomorrow afternoon I will try a short ride, so I am officially taking myself off the DL. I got a pair of steel toed shoes for riding on the bus, and at work, since the chance of dropping something on it in the first week is about 110 out of 100. :D

There certainly have been a lot of improvements in "green patch" wear since I last wore them in 1978, then the only choices were ugly tan boots at 5lbs a piece, or ugly tan boots at 10lbs a piece. Now they have a lot more options, these look like sneakers and are not very heavy at all, but still, if you drop something on a toe, or step on a nail, your protected. Also they have a nice grippy tread on them, and are impervious to oil.....

I'll use sneakers for riding for now, but the plan is a pair of bike shoes for next year, not sure if they will be cleated or not, that depends on my wifes new job (which she doesn't have yet).:(

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