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cooleric1234 07-16-08 06:16 PM

Forte T2 or T1 Aerobars
I'm still recovering from a recent crash and I have a sprained and bruised wrist. I'm otherwise feeling fine but I just have a hard time putting weight on my wrist when it's bent, like I need to when holding handlebars. I'm considering getting some aerobars to solve this problem. I otherwise don't really need them, so I'm looking for something cheap. If I can really train well and improve my speed there's a slim chance I may participate in some of the local time trials, but that'll be down the road, if at all.

So I need some aerobars that can handle my fairly long arms. I'm 6'5" and fairly skinny. Does anyone here have experience with the Performance Bike T2 (or T1) Aerobars? Are they adjustable enough for my long forearm? Thanks.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-16-08 06:28 PM

I use [profile Century, myself. I love them.

Be advised, though, the bike handles a LOT differently on aerobars.....very twitchy and you don't want to use them in traffic, on a downhill, or riding a rough surface. You''re basically steering with your elbows 2" out from the stem. You're also a long way from the brakes and shifters.

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