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scribe556 07-17-08 12:35 PM

Just Started Riding
Hi all,

I just did three 16-mile rides this week on vacation at th beach. I found the flat terrain
to be a real boost for doing some beginning riding. I got a serious rash from some
low-end bike shorts my second day. Had to make a run for Budreau's (sp?) Butt Paste
- which did the trick (I'll order some Assos when I get home).

Nice to come home from a ride and watch the Tour De France on TV!

I found out quickly that my pace went from 60-65 on my first day to 70-75 on my second day.
By my third ride, I tried to push it to an average of 75, but has headwinds coming home.
Im a real believer in the advice here, to BUY GOOD SHORTS!

I'm 45 yrs old, 6'3" and weight 275, my bike is holding up well!

Its a Allez Elite E5 Columbus something or another
It came with Mavic Open (?) rims and Ultegra components
Got it used last winter on Ebay for ~600.

Anyway great forum and I really enjoy the reads and advice.


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