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scribe556 07-17-08 12:39 PM

Just Started Riding
Hi all,

I just did three 16-mile rides this week on vacation at the beach. I found the flat terrain
to be a real boost for doing some beginning riding. I got a serious rash from some
low-end bike shorts my second day. Had to make a run for Budreau's (sp?) Butt Paste
- which did the trick (I'll order some Assos when I get home).

Nice to come home from a ride and watch the Tour De France on TV!

I found out quickly that my pace went from 60-65 on my first day to 70-75 on my second day.
By my third ride, I tried to push it to an average of 75, but had headwinds coming home.
I'm a real believer in the advice here, to BUY GOOD SHORTS!

Had numbness in my feet a bit on the first day and loosened my straps a bit which cured the condition!
(another advice tidbit from these forums)

I'm 45 yrs old, 6'3" and weight 275, my bike is holding up well!

Its a Allez Elite E5 Columbus (2006?)
It came with Mavic Open (?) rims and Ultegra components
Got it used last winter on Ebay for ~600.

Anyway great forum and I really enjoy the reads and advice.


Mr. Beanz 07-17-08 01:07 PM

Another hint, most riders ditch the stock saddle equipped on a new bike. I have problems with stock saddles on rides over 30 miles. Even when they feel as if they fit well, I develope an irritation. Saddles are very personal though. What is great for one is not for another. Try Performance bike shops. They let you ride a saddle for 30 days with a 'no like return' policy.

I ride a Terry Fly about $100. I only get them on sale. New riders usually find the price outrageous but some spend $200 for a silly seat.....Depends on how much you like riding!:p

mazpr 07-17-08 01:37 PM

Just take it easy, the first month at least, should be base miles. Don't go crazy doing intervals, tempo etc, just enjoy your bike and get the feel for it.

One thing, please do not do the typical begineer mistake of stacking up granola bars for a 15 mile flat ride.

Its seems is was not a bad deal on your bike purchase.

In regards to the tour, I still watch it although is not the same without Contador and Levi. The doping scandal is just a media frenzy, hello... its sports. I think the only two sports that do not use steroids, EPO, testosterone etc is hunting and fishing.

Welcome to the forums, you have chosen a great sport to stay healthy and keep that weight in check.

jkemp9 07-17-08 03:11 PM

As per the foot numbness, if you are serious about riding and plan to ride at least a couple times a week, you probably want to consider getting some new pedals and shoes. I have an '06 allez triple, when I bought it new last summer I rode with the stock pedals with toe clips/straps in running shoes and had numbness on every ride. Forums and LBS said it was from the severe flex in my running shoes making a very unnatural bend and pressure point at the balls of my feet. I proceeded to buy a pair of Specialized stiff soled road shoe and Speedplay pedals. I love both and my feet no longer go completely numb. You can get some pretty affordable shoes and pedals and if you aren't comfortable with full out road shoes, you can use spd pedals with spd compatible mountain bike shoes.

Keep with cycling, it has great benifits, long and short term.

Wogster 07-17-08 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by scribe556 (Post 7080065)
Hi all,

Nice to come home from a ride and watch the Tour De France on TV!

I think they need tp change the name to Tour De StÚro´de seems like they are catching more and more riders for using performance enhancing drugs every year :(

mazpr 07-17-08 04:09 PM

Instead of having sweepstakes on who is going to be the winner, it should be who is going to be the next one to test positive. I did enjoy Ricco's hardcore attack on the mountain climbs and how he TT all the way to the end.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-17-08 04:15 PM

I'm starting to think of the TdF as a PED-Ass-trian race. ;)

arleban 07-17-08 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by mazpr (Post 7080460)

One thing, please do not do the typical begineer mistake of stacking up granola bars for a 15 mile flat ride.

what to the who now?

mazpr 07-17-08 06:07 PM

My bad, its not begineer, its engineer with the bing drinking thong on it, LOL.

Seriously,. I go rock climbing and I see all these NEWBIES with stacked granola power carbo bars, like if it was EPO bottles, when going on a typical 20 mile ride and then end it up at lunch with a six pack of beer, thats without counting the ones who get a hit every now and then to open their lungs.

scribe556 07-18-08 06:52 AM

Thanks for the advice
Thanks all for the comments and advice. I'm not a granola bar stacker, I just stick to my
normal diet. I usually hydrate well before a ride though.

I'll look into the Fizik seat, the Arione?

What other saddles have you all tried and really found to be keepers?

p.s. I'll be going over to my local Performance Bike to look at saddles upon my
return from vacation.


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