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RhythmRider 07-17-08 01:54 PM

looking for a new saddle...
I have a Giant Cypress and I'm looking to replace the saddle which looks like I will need to replace the seat post. Any ideas?

jyossarian 07-17-08 02:17 PM

Why would you need to replace the seatpost? BTW, lots of people will recommend a Brooks B17. Some people won't. I recommend a B17.

jomconra 07-17-08 02:34 PM

2nd the B17

avmanansala 07-17-08 02:37 PM

I have tried two and I like both...Brooks B17 (I have the Narrow version) and the Terry Fly Titanium.

CliftonGK1 07-17-08 02:44 PM

I won't suggest any saddles. I recommend going to an LBS which can measure your sit bone width, then start trying out different saddles which have been determined to be the correct width.

RhythmRider 07-17-08 02:54 PM
the seat post has a"suspension" system... sorry I wasn't clear on that. I just want a straight pole.

BikEthan 07-17-08 08:03 PM

Ditto on the B 17. Although CliftonGK1 gives good advice as well getting measured can be helpful especially if you're bigger than average (which if you're on this list you probably are). If you don't want suspension but want a little spring you could looking into a B17 flyer (it's got springs in the back). I hear rumors that they're super comfortable, I'm considering getting one for my touring bike. Brooks is doing some product testing with BF members on a new saddle with a cut out called the B17 Imperial.

Link to thread with reviews of the B17 Imperial

Some people like them a lot some people hate them. I'm one of the people that likes them. Rumor has it that it will be out in October.

-Devil- 07-17-08 08:42 PM

i will be the odd ball .. so far i really like my WTB Pure V ... with a titec el norte offset seatpost ...

once i build a commuter up tho, i will likely give the brooks a go .. mostly for the longer time in the saddle (the wtb is on my mountain bike)

v1k1ng1001 07-17-08 11:13 PM

I've had success with the Specialized body geometry line, although you have to give your butt a couple weeks to toughen up.

wlhutch 07-18-08 04:36 AM

I just replaced the suspension post and saddle on my bike. This is the Brooks B67, which is great for an upright riding position and is wider than the B17. It's surprising that a single piece of leather can be more comfortable than my old seat.

wrk101 07-18-08 08:47 PM

Smartest thing I did on my Cypress is dump the suspension seat post. I picked up a good alloy post on ebay.

I hate suspension seat posts!

As far as saddle recommendations, its really a personal thing. If I told you what works for me, it would not mean that it would work for you.

I do know that I do not like the cushiony seats. I changed the one on the Giant pretty quick. I have since sold the Cypress, although my wife still has hers (I am down to about ten bikes right now...)

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