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Alathea 07-19-08 11:58 AM

Bike fender and dent shop day
Im excited, anyway-im putting a pair of Continental Contacts on today (first time for that, switching tires) and a set of Ergon E1 grips (these don't have the paddles on them). Should be a fun day! Now I just have to figure out if my barends will go back on or not after the new grips.

If you'd asked me when I rode my Giant in college (the first 4 years) I'd have had no idea the amount of tweaking and customization you could do on an MTB frame.

Funny story-my son was looking at bikes at BikeRack today (he's 8) and suggesting what he thinks I should get next-so Im half listening as Im talking to the shop guy about tires and he's comparing Botrangers (at 40.00 a tire) to what Im trying to get, and when I stop and look I realize that Ian has wandered up to the Trek/Cannondale land. Madone 6.9's and Cannondale roadies and the like.....from 1500 up to over 5,000. Ian thought I should get a Madone flavored one and I had to tell him that 1. I value my wife, and my life, and 2. I don't deserve something that nice, and 3. I'd feel like Id break the darn thing because it's so light. His response, " could always get another one!"

st0ut 07-19-08 12:30 PM

LOL disposable C frames

Alathea 07-19-08 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by st0ut (Post 7092699)
LOL disposable C frames

?? I think I missed the gist, unless its a joke about the expense. Im with you there, though. I pointed out at work that my Hardrock with minor customizations, if purchased new, would be worth more than my car (86 chevy cavailer-its rough) so I would appreciate some slack if I choose not to leave it out back by the receiving door instead of in my cubicle. Commented back that "I could buy a new bike, because it would be easier than buying a car...." whereupon I pointed out that its quite easy to spend used car level money on a new bike with much less headaches. They provide me a parking space for my car, but little to no consideration for my bike-and I NEVER see clients. I'm testing/support/and program enhancement. *garrrr*

bdinger 07-19-08 07:35 PM

Hahah, that's funny! Kids are priceless, I swear. In more ways than one!

Also, great choice on tires. The T&C's are pretty highly regarded by many, and were on my list to get when I got the 'dillos. I have to admit, I had no idea that BR had them in stock. Pretty funny, but not surprising, that he tried to get you to spend more on Bontragers. Did they have a pretty good price on them? They had some Ultra Gatorskins the last time I was in there for a great price, I've been trying to find an excuse to buy them but my Contacts refuse to wear :).

Tire installation is fun, depending on the tire. I have a "speed lever" which is one of the best things ever.

Alathea 07-19-08 07:50 PM

I got the Continentals Contacts (Not T&C's unless they are known by another name) for 25.99. The Bots were 39.99. Ive got levers, just never done it before. I put my grips on today and that took an hour-they have this aluminum ring that fits on the plastic flange and the vise ring goes over that. The downer is that I put it all together, and then decided to try to put my bar ends back on but after I loosened every thing up and moved it another two inches in (that Ergon vice ring is really wide) It didnt feel right. I also discvered that whatever tightening to 6nm is, I must have over done it because I compressed my flat bars a little on the ends and bent the aluminum ring that the collar goes over. Too tight you think? *duh*:innocent:

bdinger 07-19-08 07:58 PM

Oh jeez, I'm a lummox, I thought you said Town and Countrys. I'll be happy to vouch for the Contacts, I love mine. I have well over 1k on them, and they barely look worn - which is awesome. Or, horrible for a person who wants an excuse to get skinner Gatorskins. Great thing about them is that work really good on most of the conditions we have here. They're great on pavement, I've had excellent luck on crushed limestone (Mopac and Jamaica North/Homestead), and pretty darn good on gravel too. The tread pattern is +++ and they provide a pretty cushy ride to boot. I'm a big fan of them, and dangit, wish I knew they made a 26in version. That's a pretty good price for them, I think they list for $40 or something like it.

also.. LOL!! I've overtightened things on bikes before, good thing is you only do it once :D.

Alathea 07-19-08 08:01 PM

I feel dumb, though-how tight are you supposed to go without a Newton meter? Like finger + a 1/2? The package said 6 nm, do they issue you Newton meters in Germany?

Im kinda a big guy, I can lever a LOT of force behind something. I'm kinda scared for my rims tomorrow. (not really, even I can't screw that up, right?)

Yep, 26 inches, though he had to go find its mate. Now you know.......

*okay, everybody now....*


bdinger 07-19-08 09:03 PM

Hah, I've never used a newton meter, to be honest. I just brak stuff and learn my lesson :). One I did learn was that you can definitely dent/warp a rim installing a tire. Just avoid using a screwdriver to do it and you should be fine. Also, what's the max psi your contacts are rated for?

Alathea 07-19-08 09:09 PM

58, but Ive been hanging on SB's site and he say (AASHTA) shat I *should* be able to play with that. These are not as wide as my other's though, so 58PSI is probably going to feel a lot different in this than in my 1.95 Rock Combo's at about 75. Im actually levering right now so we'll see. Kids are asleep, Avatar-Last Airbender is on, and my laptop is handy. Other than spending time with my wife, instead of her being at work until 1 tonight, what else could I be doing?:innocent:

Alathea 07-19-08 09:21 PM

WoOt! from removal of front, to removal of tire, retubing, and re-beading and putting back on, 8:42 seconds.

mesasone 07-19-08 09:31 PM

Might want to check your tire pressure again... mine (which are 700c, not 26") are rated at 85 PSI on the tire wall. Don't know if that's a typo or you read it backwards, just a FYI :)

Alathea 07-19-08 09:33 PM

max pressure, 58PSI. *shrug* Geax Evolution run about there, too. My rock combos say 38-85 but they are mountain tires. These are thinner than they are, so maybe 58 is the new 85?
These aren't straight slicks, though, either.

bdinger 07-20-08 08:39 AM

You can probably get away with 65, and my 700x37's roll good anywhere from 65-80 for me. I don't like going above 80 because the rolling resistance doesn't seem to improve at all whereas the ride takes a turn south over 80. Under 65 and they feel pretty squishy, but I'm guessing you got 26x1.95's? If so, then you have a lot bigger area than my 37's, so you can get away with less pressure.

Basically, yeah, play around with it. You'll find a combo that works :)

Alathea 07-20-08 09:42 AM

1.75's but yeah, they feel different. I took them out a bit last night, and then went to WM and got a floor pump and some extra tubes. I used my electric compressor to fill them last night and it has never been know for its accuracy. 59 feel like the 75 that I had in my other ones (1.95's).


I found this elsewhere in the commuter forum. Nice info to have.

** Note: I ran into a Tire Rep from Conti, he told me the way they rate their tire pressures are (basically): They inflate to Blowout, then divide by half and there is the rating. Simple but true.
So if a tire is rated at 80 psi, means most of the test tires blew out at 160 psi.

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