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msullivan63 07-20-08 06:51 PM

Issue with LBS - how should I handle it
A few weeks ago, on my commute home from work on a Tuesday, I popped a spoke in my rear wheel. I took it to my LBS and had them fix it, while there I asked if this may be an issue of me being too heavy for the rims and the guy said it could be any number of things but that they would fix it. And they did, I picked it up the next day.

Fast forward to the next Friday, sheared a spoke. Took it in, said this was obviously an issue and I needed new rims (thanks to the folks here I knew what to ask for) and put in an order for them to build one. Since it was going to take till the end of the week (COB this past Friday) to get to it, I had them fix the spoke and re-true and re-tension the wheel.

I didn't do any long rides this week and rode easier than usual so as not to stress the wheel. On Friday I called to see when I should drop my bike off, and it turns out they hadn't even ordered the parts! They did have my ticket though, so I went through the whole process over and confirmed everything. They said it should be ready NEXT Friday.

I went out for a short 9mi loop to try out a new way to my girlfriends place and 1 mile from home - spoke popped out again! I don't really feel like dropping another $25 at that shop for a wheel fix, but I'm annoyed that I lose this week of riding because they screwed up my wheel replacement.

I'm new to biking so I don't know what the etiquette around this kind of stuff is, should I bring this up with them, let it go, or find a new bike shop? I've not been terribly happy with them overall, but I don't know if that's my perspective or not.

mesasone 07-20-08 06:59 PM

Has their service otherwise been good? It could be that somebody just forget to order your parts when they placed their last order. We are all only human after all. If they jerk you around anymore, then you might consider finding a new shop, but if they've been to you good overall, it could just be a fluke.

jaxgtr 07-20-08 07:12 PM

You might want to find another shop. I would call them on Tuesday at the latest and make sure the parts have been ordered. I would also check out some of the other shops in your area for back up.

Hill-Pumper 07-20-08 08:46 PM

You may ask to see if they will fix the broken spoke for free since they messed up on not ordering your wheel. It is the least that they could to get you going until the new wheel arrives. The worst that they could say is no.

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