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Alathea 07-21-08 07:05 AM

FIve Freaking Minutes!
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Over the weekend I changed out tires from Rock Combos to a set of Conti Contacts. I also changed out grips from the stock foamies to a set of Ergon E1's and I had a new pair of Pearl Izumi gloves to break in.

5 minutes.

74 Degrees
Light headwind
mostly sunny, but still dawnish at 7 am.
5.6 miles

I gained 5 minutes on my time, even havingt to stop for some crossings a little longer than normal. I was running late as it is, left my house at about 645 to go to my staging point, about 5 miles from work. I dropped the bike, strapped on various things (did you know that if you check the pockets of your Timbuk2 bag you find all kinds of stuff you never knew was there after a year-like the cross strap?), and threw on some tunes. This morning it was a combination of Beastie Boys, some 80's Hair bands, and Music from the Lonely Planet, a series that was on the Discovery Channel and had great music if you are into World/Fusion.

Took off from Hyvee, down Union, over to 34th and down, hit the Tierra. Got to experience my first intersection confusion as I reminded myself to signal so the the guy on the really nice bike next to me knew if I was turning off of 34th or going straight *Sorry*. The Tierra part of the trail is named in part for a park that it goes through, sort of an Apt. Complex/Really large adjacent park next to it. It's got these little canals that go along the one side, with some trees overhanging here and there. Really pretty. Dodged a rabbit and what I think might have been an Oriel.

Got onto RI and crossed 27th on a bridge that someone so thoughtfully paid for, and onto the main trail. Here is where the fun starts-there was a guy at the bridge that crossed me before I turned, so I was behind him for a little while. The RI trail ends up at a YMCA, maybe a mile and a half from the bridge where we turned. In there, after I hit a stride (and a particular favorite BB track) I picked up the pace and ended up calling 'left' on the guy that had been ahead of me. Glanced down as I went (Trek frame, knobby tires) and passed him somewhere between 27th and Old Cheney with a mile and a half to go to the Y. As I glanced and went by, I also noticed that he was a young guy, and had an LFD and Rescue shirt on-those ones they only issue to the Municipal Fire and Rescue.

WoOt! Go FatRacer go go Fat Racer!

So, with some good tunes, decent tires, and a little unintended personal comptition (that this guy was not going to pass me back up until at least the end of RI) anything is possible. I also discovered that a 1/2 inch is a big deal. The new grips helped immensely, but I still started feeling the tingles just after Old Cheney (about mile 4ish). I moved my butt back a 1/2" in the saddle, and felt that 'flood of feeling' into my fingers. My leg position seems to be fine, but I think im putting a bit much weight on my hands-minor adjustment to my position and Wow.

Yip Yip, Yahooy!

bdinger 07-21-08 07:56 AM

Nice work! That trail is a blast to go fast on, this morning seemed to be conducive to speed :). How long did it take you to get there? I'm going to guess that you're going to have no problems with the full commute soon enough, and I'm going to have to start watching out behind me for red Hardrocks...

Alathea 07-21-08 08:18 AM

It took me 30 from Hyvee through the loop to just south of Pine Lake, and I took RI all the way to the Y before getting on 14th instead of fighting 14th all the way up. We really must be lucky-I saw a few dog walkers but they got out of the way and heeled their dogs.

bdinger 07-21-08 09:23 AM

That's making pretty good time as there are a lot of stops and slow spots between Hy-Vee and 27th. And hah, did you see the lady with the two white dogs? I'm guessing not as it sounds like you were about 10 minutes ahead of me, but man.. near death experience for the day!

Alathea 07-21-08 09:26 AM

YES I did....sort of sour looking? She had them on the left when I went by....There was another dog walker too, but I didn't really pay her too much mind. I don't know if 'ahead' is right-last time I passed you, you were coming the other way, I think.

bdinger 07-21-08 09:30 AM

Haha yes! She was stopped on the second bridge at the 27th/Hwy2 area taking up the whole trail. I said "on your... right?" and she moved, thankfully :).

Today I modded my morning ride to go all the way out to the Y, then loop back. Wanted to tack a little more morning miles in so I'm prepped in case of rain/high heat/thunderstorms/etc. I'm guessing you were probably 5 minutes ahead of me, as I arrived at work at 7:42, so I probably was at the Y area around, oh, 7:25-7:30.

Alathea 07-21-08 09:35 AM

Huh. I hit work at 7:26 by the clock in here but my watch said 730. Just missed it. Do you come down 14th and into Dinsmore? OH...duh, you were behind me somewhere and looped. N/M.

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