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cohophysh 07-21-08 11:01 AM

recovery rides
What is a "recovery" ride and when do you make it and for how long?

CliftonGK1 07-21-08 11:07 AM

The day after a really hard ride, you go out and take an easy, short cruising ride to keep your legs limber.

2 weekends ago I did 206 miles on Saturday.
Sunday I did a few miles of easy sightseeing along the Portland MUP, and then Monday I did an easy 10 miles around my neighbourhood.

zpl 07-21-08 11:09 AM

Generally a recovery ride is a good idea after doing a "breakthrough" ride - one where you've ridden much longer and/or harder than you normally ride. Your body will need some additional time to recover and build itself up after such rides, so it's good to take it easy the day after to let the recovery process yield maximum benefit. Riding at an easy pace for a short distance (anywhere from a few miles to 10 miles, but there is no "standard" length) encourages blood flow in your muscles, helps to flush out toxins, avoid stiffness, etc.

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