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djnzlab1 07-21-08 11:29 AM

New shoes and som candy sl pedals.
Many years ago I rode with leather shoe clips and noticed some improvement after adding them, I decided to try bike shoes with clipless pedals, beings its a mountain bike I went with shoes and pedals that were beater style pedals.
here's a pic

Took a while to master the clips but they seem to be easier every time I ride.
The first ride it felt like I was pumping water with my pedals smooth but with resistance.
second ride I dropped the bike in soft sand plowed the front wheel and went down left leg came loose right did after on the ground.. at leat it was soft.. :eek:
Third day much better ride seemed more comfortable at higher speeds and larger gears,learned to release shoes if approaching any intersection as a precaution.
I think they are great if you don't have to stop alot, I normally don't except when starting my ride then I just use the pedals without engaging the clips.
One big plus is they seem to improve the angle of attack on the pedals this agrees with my knees. when I didn't have them I was moving my feet all over the pedals sometimes my heel would strike the frame.

Barrettscv 07-21-08 11:48 AM

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the info.

I'm considering the upgrade from jogging shoes & straps to clipless pedals. I understand the mountain biking shoes are better to walk in than road bike shoes. Did you try both?


jyossarian 07-21-08 12:05 PM

That's funny, I just bought some Lakes and I have Candys on my commuter. I clip in and out a lot while commuting and running errands so after a while, you just get used to it. It's not even a conscious thought anymore.

Barrett, walking in mtb shoes is almost normal except for the cleat which may click on uneven surfaces. It has to be if you're going to walk up and down hills to get your bike after you fall off it. ;)

djnzlab1 07-22-08 11:57 AM

I believe from what I ve read that mountian shoes are easier to walk in and allow more laterial movement while in clips , mine seem to tattle if I allow my feet to slip out of allignment they kind of click and crunch a bit, if I roll my heels out it stops.
My legs really like the clips as does my knees are hurting less at the begining of my rides.
My power has improved after only a few rides, thats a plus when it windy.
I was using those bear claw style pedals and leather walking shoes that had steel last to help support my arch when pedalling so the pressure was transfered across the bottom of the foot when you step hard on the pedal. My favorite suede shoe were my old used rockports. My feet would hurt alot in jogging tennis shoes so i went to rockports (steel last kind)

jyossarian 07-22-08 12:55 PM

Important tip: make sure you position the cleats correctly. If you sit on a desk or counter with your feet off the floor, do the toes naturally point out, in, or straight ahead? If out, position the cleat so it points towards your big toe. If in, the cleat should point towards your small toe. If straight, point it towards the middle toes. YMMV.

Also, Crank Bros. cleats have different amounts of float depending on what shoe you put the cleat on so read the instructions and figure out if you want more or less float.

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