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cohophysh 07-22-08 10:21 AM

saddles and numb hands
Arrggg, trying out a new saddle and it is worse than the last one...tilted it up, tilted it down, still very uncomfortable, back to the LBS....

Here is a question. I start getting numb hands about 10-12 miles in to the ride. I wear good gloves and change hand positions, and don't death grip the handlebars...what would happen if I moved my seat towards the handlebars a tad? It seems to me it could put me a little more upright. hmmm, any thoughts?

Alathea 07-22-08 10:28 AM

Worth a shot, though, as Ive come to find in discussions with others, sometimes they just get numb and you can drive yourself mad tweaking things after awhile. If you are numb after many positions, though it might be worth a shot.

txvintage 07-22-08 11:30 AM

Gotta tell ya, that is a classic jaw dropping thread title:roflmao2:

Back to the topic at hand.....having a death grip isn't something that you usually are aware of. The saddle movement is worth a shot, but another related fix may be a different stem length to change your position/weight distribution.

bac 07-22-08 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by cohophysh (Post 7110210)
what would happen if I moved my seat towards the handlebars a tad? It seems to me it could put me a little more upright. hmmm, any thoughts?

That measurement (saddle fore/aft) should not be changed much - IF you have a good position now, of course. Check out KOPS (do a search), and set that measurement where it is comfortable. Then, make changed to other stuff (like stem) to make it more comfortable for you.

... Brad

Rosie8 07-22-08 02:59 PM

There have been some excellent threads on this topic of numb hands and alternative handlebars. I switched my relatively flat riser bars for a tourist type handlebar from an old Schwinn. I was getting numb hands at around the 10 mile mark and now am numb free. My bike has me sitting up fairly upright (weight on rear, not hands) to begin with. Just having the grips angled in did the trick. Look at tourist, soma, sparrow, moustache, etc. handlebars. Search alternative handlebars first though.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-22-08 03:22 PM

You could always put some aerobars on if you can drop down and breathe while in the drops. You don't have to set up so you're in a TT or Triathlon position, and can actually set up as a fairly relaxed position. It adds yet another set of positions available and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY helps bucking a headwind. ;)

cohophysh 07-22-08 04:24 PM

Tom, I bet it does, I know there have been times I feel like a sail going against the wind. I think my seat has been part of the problem. After looking at it and talking to the LBS, the seat is for more of a hybrid where the person is sitting upright; this seat has forced me a little more forward thereby placing more weight on my hands. Even for a big guy, I like the flatter, smaller width seats, they just feel better on the ole bum. I told the LBS the features I liked in my original saddle and what i didn't like. so when payday comes I will probably go purchase the Specialized Alias Saddle which has some of these features. We will see!

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