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Jtgyk 07-26-08 11:47 PM

Hold 'em or Fold?
Just had a rear spoke replaced last week before a ride and asked Specifically for the shop to re tension the spokes for both wheels.
Part way through my ride the rear wheel felt a little "funny", then, on a long climb, it started getting worse and developed a disquieting wobble. I decided to cut my losses, released the rear calipers and took the 40K turn off...limping it in the rest of the way to the finish.
I was so hacked about it (I REALLY wanted that 70K) that I haven't checked it over until this weekend.
The spokes seem to have far less tension in the back than the front, and I halfway suspect that it was only trued and NOT re tensioned as I had requested. I drop some more money on a bike that is hovering at the edge of being too big for me? (fit is tending toward the French fit...ahem...snug side)
Or Do I do what I can to true the wheel and try to recoup some of my investment on CL?
I like having a much faster than the Hardrock for the same effort. I just don't know if it will amount to throwing my cash into the gaping maw of the LBS.
Thanks...mostly just needed to rant.

jaxgtr 07-27-08 08:09 AM

I personally would find another wheel person. The LBS I do most of my biz with is a great shop, but I take my wheels elsewhere when I need help with them. The main LBS has just never given me the warm and fuzzy about my wheel issues if you know what I mean.

Mr. Beanz 07-27-08 08:59 AM

Agree, find another wheel dude. Like I've said before, because a guy works at a shop does not mean he knows what he's doing. OR maybe he was having a lazyday. Sometimes the guys just turn parts without paying attention to what is going on. Tightening the spokes without making sure the spokes don't bind can cause more damage than good.

Jtgyk 07-27-08 10:06 AM

Thanks guys.
I'll ask around about local wheel guys. Other than that maybe I'll just get a new wheel built.

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