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Trebor Snave 07-29-08 10:12 AM

You know, that felt really good.
I took a week off after I did my century due to vacation, working on the house, various other reasons. I really got the itch to go for a ride this last weekend while we were away from home and finally got to scratch it last night.

When I got in the saddle I was really surprised at how good it felt. Just went for a slow, easy half hour+ without pushing too hard, looking at the scenery. It was a good way to get started again, and a nice change from my usual ride/workouts.

Just wanted to tell someone; no one around here understands.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-29-08 11:02 AM

Yeah, noncyclists just don't get us. ;) (This is the absolute truth!)

My family thinks I'm insane when I mention I just got back from a 60+ mile ride. :p (Other than my wife, that is, who is starting to get the distance bug herself. :p)

neilfein 07-29-08 11:29 AM

There is something incredibly satisfying about putting distance behind you... and having it in front of you.

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