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triptogn 08-01-08 12:23 AM

Just did 20 miles
I promised myself when I got up this morning that I would try and get in a decent length ride for the first time when I got off of work today.

I used the Lake Sammamish trail out in Redmond, which was incredibly flat and quite pretty for my ride, and I just kept on going till I figured it was getting to be that time to turn around.

It ends up that I did about 20 miles round trip, burning about 1400 calories or so. I'm pretty proud of myself, though my bum might argue over the subject.

I didn't have a goal other than to break out of the riding 3.5 miles to and from work that I've been doing the past month. I just wanted to say that I rode 10 or something, and it ended up being 20+.

A few notes to self, I need rain gear. There was a bit of rain when I left, but it downright soaked me by the end. I also left way too late for a ride like that, and didn't get back into my area of town till after 10pm, which I wasnt prepared for.

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty miserable towards the end thanks to all of the water, and the saddle pain I was experiencing. I was also downright pooped by the end, and I almost missed my "finish line". A shower perked me right up again, and I'm feeling accomplished.


Trebor Snave 08-01-08 08:26 AM

Hey, that's a pretty big milestone. Feel proud of yourself, most people will think you're insane.

Around here, we think you're doing great!

77midget 08-01-08 09:17 AM

Nice!! It feels good to get a nice long ride under your belt, especially when most of your riding is commuting. Soak it in and enjoy it! Maybe do it again today!!

bigwies 08-01-08 09:58 AM

Great job. Keep up the good work. Pretty soon you will be telling us about your recent 30 mile ride.

triptogn 08-01-08 11:08 AM

Thanks Everyone!

I feel pretty accomplished from my ride, and a little sore today to go with it hehe. I'm going to hit up that trail again Saturday morning I think, it really was quite nice.

Maybe I'll take some pictures and share.

Bill Kapaun 08-02-08 12:25 AM

Great job!

Tom Stormcrowe 08-02-08 06:18 AM

Outstanding! Great feeling, isn't it?

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