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krazygluon 08-02-08 10:43 AM

My first half-metric!
I took my longest ride to date:
32 miles this morning in 2 hours of saddle time, probably another 15-30 minutes in breaks, saddle adjusting stops and the time it took to nom half a peanut-butter sandwich at the 1 hour mark.'

I dropped my brooks about a cm or so, tilted her up one notch and forward about 3mm, worked frikkin wonders to reduce the perineal pressure i've been having, although I think a little of that came from riding in my bibbed knickers (I forget the brand, they were a christmas gift found on the performance website, i'm suspecting something italian) instead of the $20 canari shorts i picked up 2 years ago when i started biking. the difference in chamois between the two is worlds apart.

Still a tiny bit sore down there, but no numbness which is more of what I've been scared of lately.

I did a before-after weighing on my scale, and managed to gain a half pound of water that I didn't sweat out. I carry a 3liter camelbak and filled it about 85% full and drank all but about 8oz of it by the time I got home.

For those familiar with the area, I basically rode the entireity of Hines Drive in southeast Michigan, my southern turnaround was right before the road splits at Outer drive and my northern turnaround was the next street past Northville Rd. (I enter and exit the drive at Haggerty...and yes, I somehow managed to make it up that hill without I'm not sure since it was the very end of the ride)

Tom Stormcrowe 08-02-08 10:50 AM

Congrats! Yeah, once you get that Brooks all the way into the sweet spot, you'll likely never ride another saddle. ;)

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