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djnzlab1 08-02-08 05:50 PM

Grip for hand Pain
Went by my local bike store talked to a store sales rep and asked if there was gloves to reduce that hand pain and weakness I have been having after moderate ride.
He says it may be my grips he reccomended a new grip that has features to prevent hand pain due to nerve pinch, so I bought them will try them out tomorrow. He reccomends putting them with the wings up a bit so your palm rest on the gray area.

(( here's the spin from the company)

New for 2008
Medically designed by ergonomic specialist Roger Minkow, M.D. to prevent cycling related numbness and weakness of the hands
Softest density in key contact area to cushion the ulnar nerve
Medium density body for secure grip
Firmest density inner core for secure attachment to the bar
Ergonomically shaped platform provides maximum comfort
Improved locking clamp for secure attachment

Alathea 08-02-08 09:18 PM

Basically an Ergon, without the name. Lots of people here swear by them. I got Ergo grips, but not the kinds with the wings, I got E1-s ( You can wrap your hands all the way around these, so they aren't as much of a switch as the finned ones. Nice and grippy, though, with different densities, and textures to hold on to. They also lock on with a collar, they aren't going anywhere.

Griffish 08-02-08 09:55 PM

I use Ergons on my hybrid and could not be happier. When you install them, rotate the angle so that the back of your hands are in a straight line with your other words, there should not be a bend at the wrists(like a punch). Before installing these I had numbness after about 8 miles, but now I can ride for quite abit longer with no discomfort. Good luck!

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