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cyber_hawke 08-12-08 10:24 AM

Need help on a seat.....
I am 260+lbs and trying to get into biking. I bought a bike and have been riding it, but cant seem to get by the 10mile point. A couple of years ago I had radical prostate surgery and the soft tissue is giving me a lot of problem, it gets really sore....if if was my rear end, I wouldn't worry.

Can anyone suggest a good seat for a road bike that either makes allowances for this area or provides a wide enough support to distribute the weight, or whatever?


gotls1 08-12-08 10:55 AM

If it's a problem with soft tissue, you'll likely be much better off with a hard saddle. I had a similar issue with soft tissue pain from the gel in my saddle squishing up and putting pressure where I wasn't designed to take pressure. You might want to look into Brooks saddles - the Champion Flyer S (effectively a B17 w/ springs) is what did the trick for me. If you're in a more aggressive riding position though, I think you'd want something more like the Swallow or Swift models. carries Brooks with a 6 month return policy, or you can pick them up on EBay for quite a bit less if you're not concerned about returning it.

jyossarian 08-12-08 01:13 PM

Brooks are good and wallbike has a good return policy so it's worth checking out a B17 or the like. Just be aware Brooks have to be positioned properly so your soft tissue doesn't have too much pressure on it. Try some good bike shorts as well. I bet a recumbent bike would relieve the pressure too.

giant1000 08-12-08 01:36 PM

I have the same problem. I've only been back in the saddle for a couple of weeks
but after an 8 mile ride my rear end is not happy.
Not sore as in rubbed or chaffed but the bone at the top of my buttocks aches.
Will this pass as I get accustomed to riding or am I putting up with pain
After much reading I also was considering a Brooks Saddle or some padded shorts.
Struggling to find shorts in my size though.

Ex-Floridian 08-12-08 02:33 PM

You may want to try a different type of seat altogheter. I purchased two Spiderflex seats and I absolutely love them. I had a problem with after about 15 minutes on a regular saddle I could not feel anything and I tried different standard saddles with poor results. The spiderflex are great and once you get used to it, you can go for miles. By the way I have no interest in Spiderflex seats and there are other comparable vendors out there.

sstorkel 08-12-08 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by cyber_hawke (Post 7256844)
Can anyone suggest a good seat for a road bike that either makes allowances for this area or provides a wide enough support to distribute the weight, or whatever?

My first suggestion is to buy padded cycling shorts or underwear if you don't already own them. For me, this made the biggest difference. If you don't want to wear lycra, look into mountain biking shorts. They look more like a regular short, but still have a chamois pad to help maintain comfort while in the saddle. If you want to wear your regular workout shorts, Andiamo sells underwear that has a chamois pad. In my experience, the padding isn't quite as nice as you'd get with a real cycling short, however.

My second suggestion is to check the position and height of your saddle. I've noticed that quite a few people tend to have their saddle too far back, so they end up sitting on the narrow portion of the saddle while the wide area at the back of the saddle is unused. If you haven't had anyone fit you to your bike, you might want to have someone you help with the fit. I recently installed a new saddle on my road bike, didn't get the position quite right, and thought I hated the saddle as a result. Once I realized I was sliding forward, and adjusted the position to compensate, I found that the saddle was actually very nice.

As far as saddles that may work, there are lots of possibilities. How much money are you willing to spend? I find that saddles with lots of padding don't work well over the long-haul. My commuter bike has a very wide, very well-padded Serfas Rx Mens saddle. It's only good for 10-20 miles before the constant pressure created by the gel padding leads to numbness. The saddle I use for longer rides is actually slightly narrower and has much less padding. It's good for 40-50 miles before it starts to become annoying.

trippn1 08-12-08 09:11 PM

You can also go to emailed the company with my size, what I was looking for in a saddle, and how much I plan on riding per week....They emailed me back and told me which saddle would be best for my needs.....To my surprise it wasn't the most expensive one, it was one of the lowest priced saddles ($87.95)...They have a 30 day return for full refund, and a 60 day return for 60% refund...I ordered the saddle on a thursday mid-morning and it was in my mailbox on that Saturday....Very fast shipping and I love the saddle so far.......:)

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