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djnzlab1 08-20-08 06:52 PM

Time for the Knobbies to go
Called my LBS shop and they have a nice hybrid tire same the local police use for my mountian bike to replace my 2 1/4 knobby tires ,
it has a center strip without tread and a little tread on the shoulder with a rather puncher resistant tire.
He says my bike will be much faster.
Sounds Pretty cool.
I had a rather ruff ride today 15 MPH winds in the face first several miles and then I crossed over to my return trek all down wind and man was I flying for a CD over 57 y/o.. whoooo
My tires were humming like those tires on a 4wheel drive truck.. hehe
Scared a few DUCKS by the lake a block away...
Geeze no wonder my hands are numb..

Serfas Drifter City Tire - 26 x 2.0

StephenH 08-20-08 08:00 PM

I think this tire is identical to what came on my Worksman except for the branding:

It is a street-tread blackwall tire, and I don't think any of the local shops sell that. They all have mountain bike tires with blackwall and cruiser bike tires which are invariably whitewall. This tire is not flat-proof or anything, but seems decent enough.

My mountain bike had knobbies, and I didn't mind them. I couldn't tell they slowed me down much (keep in mind, these were cheap knobbies, not super-aggressive tires), and the hum they make is handy to let people know you're coming on the bike trail.

Sammiches 08-20-08 08:53 PM

Yah, the wildlife clear a path for me well before I can worry about hitting 'em, thanks to the aggressive hum of my knobbies. Doing a 39-mile R/T commute on paved roads, I wonder how many minutes I'd shave off if I switched to road tires.

Bill Kapaun 08-21-08 12:35 AM

Depending on how aggressive your current knobbies are, you be very to extremely happy with street slicks.
When I got my bike (used), it had Panaracer Smoke's on both wheels (look that one up) I was pedalling my butt off to get any speed. Quit pedaling and I'd coast about 20 yards and nearly be stopped!
I weigh about 230 and have found a 26x1.50" to be about right for my needs. It's "fat" enough to kill road buzz and rolls pretty decently. IF I didn't have so much rough textured pavement, I'd probably go for 26x1.25".
I'm using Serfas Drifters. I havn't used any other brands in that size, so I can't give any comparison, but they seem to do the job and other Drifter owners seem to feel the same way.

BTW, use proper tire sizing. For example, a 26x1.50" IS NOT the same as a 26x1-1/2"! Decimals and fractional sizes are not the same.

djnzlab1 08-23-08 08:24 PM

Well we went with a differnt tire
went for a good ride on my new tires, they roll nice in the grass, and really are quiet and smooth on the road. .
The LBS says they are what they put on the local Police Bikes and rarely see flats.

Turn your mountain bike into a city cruiser with the Drifter tire.
Integrated armor casing delivers first-rate puncture resistance
Super hard 69-durometer rubber compound for enhanced tire wear
Inverted tread design reduces rolling resistance for more speed
I asked how long they last and he said very long.

Ps I paid 24.00 a tire plus instal I found them on sale here if you would like a couple.

Tom Stormcrowe 08-23-08 08:29 PM

ANother ggood tire for your purpose here would be the Geax Evolution. I used them on my old mountain bike as a touring tire and they are TOUGH!

Kevlar cored and very flat resistant, and they do well on hardpack, chipseal, Asphalt, grass and other surfaces. The do stink on mud, though. Not bad for a tire under $20.00 US!

Bill Kapaun 08-23-08 11:04 PM

Try pumping them up to MAX +5 PSI.

I was running 5 PSI under and that 10 PSI change made a noticeable difference.

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