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MFaust 10-05-08 03:44 PM

week 3 / still learing
Managed 125 miles this week . I think I am improving a bit , my tubes seem to be holding up a bit better so thats a plus . Knees are still getting adjusted to all this so and aching less and less. Avarage speeds were 16-17 mph maxing out at 32 mph a few times . Not able to hold at that speed for much more than a mile or 2 but its getting better .

What I learned this week ...... squirrles will move ......armadillos might put up a fight . no they dont all curl up in a ball a roll away .

Missbumble 10-05-08 04:04 PM

MFaust 0 You are one speedy devil! The only advice I might add- Have you tried spinning in the easier gears...That I think is what is helping me improve.. So if you are usign the big gears - that may get you there faster in the short run - but you get tired quciker... I think spinning for training rides really helps... Some of the guys can tell you more! Plus - burns a ton of calories!

MFaust 10-05-08 04:15 PM

Actually on the advice of my brother in law ( one of them skinny little people , who can crank out 100 miles with little effort ) I started exactly that , keeping cadance between 90-100 rpm to start . Which was wayyyyyy harded than what i was doing . I am only about a week into that so we will see what improvements it brings.

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