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Tom Stormcrowe 10-05-08 06:05 PM

50 frozen miles today........
Well, I was out of town this weekend, and among other things, did a 50 mile ride this 32℉. I did the ride on my road bike, which felt decidedly weird since I've been riding fixed all month. My spin and cadence is greatly improved though. ;) The folk I was riding with commented on how I NEVER stopped pedaling for the first 30 miles, other than at the only SAG stop on the ride.

First thing that happened, getting ready to drive to the start, I had to scrape the van to see. :0 Yep, it's that time of year. The Ride was in Roanoke, Indiana, and sponsored by Kohlinger's, a bike shop in Fort Wayne. It's called "The Jersey Ride". You get a special jersey for this ride, and it's pretty cool. I should actually have it by Christmas, as my Aunt ordered the jersey for me as a XMas present early...sweet lady, I can tell ya!

I'd have gotten video, but it was so cold, my batteries in the bar cam died in about 4 minutes and the video files got corrupted and are unviewable. :( It's too bad, because you can see frost glistening on the road in the rising sun. IT WAS COLD! I also needed a set of earwarmers (which I didn't have! :(). I got the most hellacious earache on the first part of the ride that I considered bailing on it. It was actually causing my whole jaw to hurt. Fortunately, another rider at the SAG stop had some Ibuprofen (better living through chemistry :p), and I was able to continue, after I also stuck some cotton in the ear to close off the ear canal from the wind.

Coming back inbound, I had 22 miles of an 15-20 mph headwind. In short, the ride was your basic "Deathmarch" favorite kind. :D

Total Miles: 50.6
Time riding: 2:45
Avg Pace, 18.18 miles/Hr.
Start temperature: 32 F
End temperature: 51F

This was after working all day yesterday, pulling boats out of the water and getting things set up for winter up at the lake.

After ride meal: Brats and Baked Beans. Very good post ride meal, I'l tell ya, and they had brats aplenty! I was STARVED!

I'm now going to go take a hot shower, and hit the sack after a nice dinner.

uncadan8 10-05-08 06:45 PM

I think you pretty much named everything I don't miss about the Midwest! Great job on continuing the ride! I did a quick spin in the 70 degree temps here on the East Coast for you.

scrapmetal 10-05-08 06:46 PM

Gotta peddle faster to be warm:)

Sounds like a good ride to me - bragging rights and all that jazz too.

Air 10-05-08 08:10 PM


By the way - the video may be corrupted but there might be some freeware/shareware that can rescue it. I did it on one or two videos but I can't remember what it's called right now.

DelusionalDude 10-05-08 09:04 PM

If you had brats and beans before the ride you could have kept everyone from trying to draft behind you. LOL!

flip18436572 10-06-08 05:03 AM


I don't think I could average over 18 mph on a 50 mile course, and I know going into a 20 mile headwind, I would be brought down to under 16 easily. I did a short 20+ yesterday, and with the gusts I only averaged 16.5. Maybe riding in a group is better, but since I don't ever ride in a group, I may never know.

10 Wheels 10-06-08 05:30 AM

Cold ride, still beats a trainer.
Way to go Tom.

George 10-06-08 08:56 AM

That's one of the reasons I left Chicago and it aint going to get any better for a while. Nice ride, but hurry and get the miles in while you can.:thumb:

Neil_B 10-06-08 09:00 AM

Congratulations, Tom!

Tom Stormcrowe 10-06-08 11:12 AM

Between class break, so I can post! :D

Man, my legs are DEAD today! Feels like I am wearing lead shoes and the bottom half ogf a space suit. Stiff, tired and sore. 'twas a good workout yesterday. :p

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