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Clydesdales/Athenas (200+ lb / 91+ kg) Looking to lose that spare tire? Ideal weight 200+? Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier cyclist, how to keep your body going while losing the weight, and get support from others who've been successful.

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Originally Posted by Lowkeyedup View Post
It really isn't that expensive, considering it is all inclusive and a vacation!
+1 on that. Also the beautiful thing is that your soon to be wife won't be having nervous breakdowns over orginizing all the wedding details. It took some time to pick a resort and location, but once we locked in the actual wedding took 15 minutes to plan! Upon arrival we were greated and given a time the following morning to meet with the wedding coordinator. The coordinator asked some simple questions like how many people would be attending the service, and religious preferences (my wife is Jewish, but reformed and not involved with any temple, I went to a catholic elecmentary school, but grew up more protestant, but not active). With the information at hand we reviewed the possible locations for the wedding on the property. Since we had 6 guests attending she pointed out two locations that could handle the "large" group. We selected a nice shady area. The reception area was also dictated by our group size. My wife could pick from a bunch of different bouquets and I automatically received a matching flowers. They had either a traditional Jamaican wedding cake (rum cake with marzapin... very nice), or you could get a stardard cake. All super easy, and no major battles erupted like you hear about with a lot of wedding planning.

Th wedding was very nice. The officient (a local minister) did an excellent job. There was enough weight to the ceremony that it felt like a real wedding. In all it took about 30 minutes. The receptions was lovely. There were lots of apatizers, and champaign reined freely. No lousy 1 ounce toast. By the time the 3rd bottle was being opened we both declined any more booze. I don't drink much anyways, and in the hot tropical sun the stuff was going down far to easy. I didn't want to get sick. The pictures were taken immediately afterward and took about an hour. We then changed into our swim attive and hung out with our family during the afternoon enjoying the tropical waters and beach. In the evening we all got dressed up again and there was already a table reserved. With the restaurants being all you can eat, all you can drink, we didn't have to worry about any of our guests. Everyone could order what they wanted.

In the end we had a fanastic wedding and it cost my wife and I about $3500 back in 2000. That included all the wedding pictures (and we got the negatives), the video, and all the food and drink for 5 days. Most of my friends dropped a minimum of $15K and many spend more than $25K.

After we got married and we were at our reception my mother-inlaw made the joke: "I thought this was supposted to be a cheap wedding." We all burst out laughing because I knew what she ment. In total about $15 was spent between all 8 of us. The difference was that everyone was on vacation for a better part of a week for that money. It was a great time. Enjoy and good luck!

Happy riding,
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I've lost that much weight in that much time, its no big deal. Although I had a former Clyde turned Elite Pro Racer on my side. This is what he told me:
1. Do Weight Watchers
2. Ride Three Hours a Day

That's it. Really. It doesn't matter how far you ride, just keep going for three hours. For me the straight shot to work takes me about a half-hour, so I take a detour up hills (hills really helped me drop the weight). The best part is if you do Weight Watchers and follow the program and cycle three hours a day (I sometimes cheap and do only two, it still works but not as fast) you'll hit that goal in no time (and still be healthy). I had a friend do mad workouts and do a special medically supervised liquid diet and he dropped a lot of weight, but it was a crash diet and the skin slouching everywhere is scary. Cycling will keep you tight.
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Old 10-13-08, 06:44 PM   #28
You gonna eat that?
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Weight Watchers worked great for a friend of mine.
I stop for people / whose right of way I honor / but not for no one.

Originally Posted by bragi "However, it's never a good idea to overgeneralize."
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Farmer tan
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If you have a fairly normal metabolism, then you are doing sufficient exercise now. If you are new to cycling, you run the risk of overuse injury if you ramp up too aggressively, so be careful about that. Adding 2-3 days of weight training would be great, but again in moderation -- an injury will slow your goal progress. Unless you have never been to a gym, you will not gain much muscle mass training while on caloric deficit, but it will certainly help you keep what's currently hiding under your skin now. Weight loss without gym work will make you skinny-flab.

I went from 215 to 175 in 5 months without really intending to lose much (I'm 6-3 and toned). Your goal is certainly achievable. Here's what I did / do:

Breakfast: half cup quaker rolled oats w/ tbsp granola on top and half cup milk, don't cook it (HTFU and chew!).
Lunch: 6" subway or equivalent (no mayo, oil, crap meat, or dressing), get roughest bread you can find.
Dinner: "normal" portion of chicken, sometimes steak (around 6 to 8 oz), no starch (eat green beans, broccoli, or other veggies... no butter or oil).
Drink only water, ever. OK, on friday have a beer.
Get a sweet craving? Eat fruit. Still have one? Eat more fruit. Seriously, I have real desert maybe once/month and don't miss it if I haven't tasted it in a while. Your sense of taste adjusts to the new way of eating.

Cycling 10-20 hilly miles 7 days/week (I overtrained, now 2x/week getting over tendonitis, yeah sucks).
Weights 2x / week moderate weight, high reps (mainly upper body to complement cycling).
Swim 1 to 2x / week for 30 to 60 minutes.
No sugar workout drinks, gels, juices, as they are not needed.

No pasta, rice, starches, white bread, "extra" fats (oil, dressing, butter, mayo, ...)

Jamaica is great. You'll love it -- try to take a windsurfing lesson while you're there at Sandals.
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Rather than long steady rides, I am becoming a believer in intervals. Actually with the hills and mountains around where I live, intervals become a way of life when riding.

I read this link the other day but haven't researched any of the studies that they mention.

The interval training also fits in with my spin training as I cannot maintain a high cadence for very long without gasping for breath, but I can hit a flat road at 20+ mph for extended times and not get winded.
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There are scales out there (Tanita) that give you fat/muscle ratios. How much fat you lost vs. water lost. I'm 6'3" and tipped in at 283. I went on a medically controlled intense diet. For example, 1st 2 weeks were 800 calories no carbs or sugars. They supplemented w/vitamins etc. anyway...first week I lost within 1 month I looked like a different person.

Luckily at that moment (feeling a bit better about myself, being able to move I became equally obsessed with cycling and was able to take my calorie counting and improved nutritional base and begin to eat more sensibly.

while crash/fad diets are not for everyone and rarely work for the long term. For someone like myself, that instant gratification of losing 8 inches off my belly in 1 week was enough to motivate me to make some lifestyle changes.

BTW... you should be burning over 1200 calories based on your weight/speed/time during your cycling. Also, for your weight 2,300 calories are probably needed to fuel you to just breath and blink. So, with a reasonable diet you should consistently loose weight!

Hope something there helps! Congrats on wedding..

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