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gearhead82 10-09-08 06:16 AM

My new bike! (CAAD9)
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After two weeks on the Trek 1.2, my LBS was kind enough to let me upgrade and receive full credit for the 1.2. I did my homework this time and went for the Cannondale CAAD9 R6 (58cm). I got it home with just enough daylight left to take a 5 minute ride and I love it! The full Tiagra components are so much smoother than the 2203 junk on the Trek. The fit seems much better, partially because I was on too big a frame (60cm) on the Trek. I'm also confident that I now have a frame worthy of upgrading down the line if I want to. I'm planning on about a 20 mile ride after work today and will be bringing tools to get the saddle and such adjusted properly.

zpl 10-09-08 06:33 AM

I hear lots of good things about that frame. Congrats on your new steed!

bdinger 10-09-08 07:22 AM

That's a gorgeous ride! I'm sure you'll enjoy it - keep us posted!

Missbumble 10-09-08 07:28 AM

You must be so proud! She is beautiful!!! Enjoy.

bautieri 10-09-08 07:43 AM


Mr. Beanz 10-09-08 08:56 AM

Do a long ride as soon as possible. Find out how the stem feels for you. I found that my C'Dale felt rather stertched out when I bought it. Had to change the stem for a shorter one to get real comfy.

Many times, the shop will swap it out if it's still in new condition. If you wait too long, more than lilely won't let you. After looking at the pics, you may not nned it. Pretty upright position compared to mine. Mine was a 130 with a big drop. Felt like a torture rack!:D

Nice bike!:thumb:

gearhead82 10-09-08 09:05 AM

Yeah the bike had a 110 stem when I test rode it at the shop. It felt pretty long so I had them swap it for a 90 before I left. I might end up needing a 100 as it felt a little short on my test ride. They said they will swap it out as many times as I need for the first couple weeks if need be.

funrover 10-09-08 09:54 AM

Nice ride!

epcolt 10-09-08 10:26 AM

Good lookin ride

scrapmetal 10-09-08 10:44 AM

Sweet lookin'

EasyEd 10-09-08 04:52 PM

I am envious. Ride the tires off that beautiful bike!

jaxgtr 10-09-08 06:04 PM

Welcome to the CAAD9 owners group. You will love it.

txvintage 10-09-08 07:11 PM

You are going to love the frame. Not only do they ride well, but they look sooooo good.

You well may have bought the last frame you will need for years to come, just drop new schwag on it as you feel necessary when things start to wear out or a killer deal comes along.

Raven87 10-09-08 07:32 PM

Man... all those nice components and still no KICKSTAND?


Gorgeous bike. Congrats!

terbennett 10-14-08 08:43 PM

Nice bike. You'll love it for years to come. That is a beautiful bike!!

racethenation 10-15-08 07:08 AM

Sweet lookin' ride. I hope you enjoy it.

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