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zpl 10-11-08 01:51 PM

New Hampshire fall colors ride (photos)
LordBass and I went for a 30-miler this morning and I took some photos. The fall colors are reaching their peak in our area right now, and anyone up further north in the White Mountains this weekend is going to see it at its best.
These first few are from Swains Lake in Barrington, NH
LordBass up ahead
Lee Hook Road in Newmarket, NH
My Salsa Casseroll - loving it more and more every ride



funrover 10-11-08 01:52 PM

WOW!!!!!! That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

markhr 10-11-08 02:08 PM

Thanks very much for sharing those.

scrapmetal 10-11-08 02:14 PM

My favored time of the year. Thanks.

vXhanz 10-11-08 02:51 PM

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing.


BigUgly 10-11-08 04:32 PM

excellent pix. Trees are just beginning to turn here in Central PA.

nobull60 10-11-08 07:37 PM

Wow....Beautiful. Here in South Florida we don't get that except for the palm trees dropping their fronds. :lol: Next week I'll be going to Rhode Island for a motorcycle show and I cannot wait to see Fall up close. :thumb:

jgjulio 10-12-08 09:05 AM

Wow! Really beautiful colors and landscape. We don't see the seasons here in Southern California. I love fall colors... thanks for your shots.

ban guzzi 10-12-08 09:31 AM

Love the pictures, Thank you!

I miss the fall out east...

Stujoe 10-12-08 09:32 AM

Awesome colors. I just love this time of year.

himurastewie 10-12-08 09:53 AM

sigh... reminds me of home. I grew up in Maine, but I'm here in stinky Ohio... c'est la vie I guess.

Neil_B 10-12-08 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by BigUgly (Post 7646460)
excellent pix. Trees are just beginning to turn here in Central PA.

Ditto in SE PA.

Tom Stormcrowe 10-12-08 12:13 PM

Our colors should peak here in Indiana in a week or two. Been a slow change year this year.

gotls1 10-13-08 09:46 AM

Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing them. This is the time of year that I really miss living in Western PA.

ilmooz 10-13-08 06:31 PM

Great photos! Thanks for sharing them.

bbeck 10-15-08 05:44 PM

great pics

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