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Missbumble 11-03-08 02:54 PM

Ride 56 - Recovery Ride
OK so Sunday was my recovery ride. Last weekend I did back to back metric having a more gentle ride on Sunday feels weird. I met a friend and we road off on the good ole flat Silver Comet. We rode 30 miles. I practiced spinning fast (90-100) (fast for me) cadence for the first hour. This is feeling more natural now - before i was used to the higher gears - going faster and spnning slower. Now I am working up to spinning faster.

Ya know someone told me spinning faster may make my legs thinner...whaddy think? Myth or Fact? I do notice men bikers (the skinny guys) have really thin thighs..but me mine are large size thighs - and I would love for them to be skinny... so ya think spinning fast is the I drop the pounds can my thighs trim down?

OK That's it!
Trip Dist 30.1 miles
Ride Time 2:04:06
Avg Speed 14.50
Max speed 23.5
Cad Avg 79
Avg pulse 132
Max pulse 164
Calories 1191

andrelam 11-04-08 03:31 PM

I can't say that my legs look any skinnier... but they are VERY firm after 1.5 years of cycling. Now I need to make the rest of my body "firmer."

Happy riding,

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