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Missbumble 11-27-08 10:18 PM

Need Hlp - Any local rides near Lake Worth FLA or Boca?
OK _ Next time I visit my parents (Xmas most likely) in Lake Worth I would like to find a group ride....- Does anyone know any no drop rides or where I can find them in this area? I am willing to travel a bit by car. Secondly, I will not have a bike. So best bet if there's a bike shop or a place to rent a road bike for the ride as well.

I would like to see what biking is like in the area in case I decide to move to FLA.

OK thanks guys for helping out...any advice?

jesspal 11-28-08 06:52 AM

south broward wheelers is bike club in broward which is about a half hour from Boca.

At there website they have a calendar of there rides.

Ti Guy 11-28-08 01:57 PM

Try the Boca Bike Club, little closer than South Broward.

jaxgtr 11-28-08 07:07 PM

Hey, small world, I grew up in Lake Worth, or as we called it, Lake Worthless.. hahahahahah, where are they, old town east of Congress or out west past Military Trail in the newer sections?

the ride along the beach is actually quite nice, and you can ride from Palm Beach Inlet to Miami.

ScrubJ 11-28-08 08:36 PM

I live a little better than an hour north of there, sorry I can't help with the ride thing though. The Jupiter Island ride is pretty nice if you can make it up to Jupiter. I don't know of any groups there but our little bunch will make the ride down from time to time to ride the island.

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