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divemed06 12-03-08 06:53 PM

Problem with trainer
I just purchased a CycleOps FLuid 2 trainer. It seems unstable. I set it up as per instructions and looked at online videos regarding installation. The flywheel seems to sway a bit. It doesn't seem to be rock stead as review have stated...could it be because I'm 6'8, 330lbS?

divemed06 12-04-08 03:13 PM


flip18436572 12-04-08 04:45 PM

My guess is that you either don't have it balanced before you start, or you are on a surface that gives and as you "rock" side to side you are feeling that extra movement. Your weight could be a factor as you go from side to side. I only own rollers, so I may not be anywhere close. I looked at their video setup, and it looks to me like you need to make sure it is setup and balanced before you get your bike anywhere near it.

zoste 12-04-08 05:37 PM

What do you mean by "the flywheel seems to sway"? Do you mean that it feels like the flywheel was installed improperly on the shaft? Or the flywheel is loose? Or the whole unit (including you and the bicycle) rocks back and forth as you pedal?

I just bought a fluid-2 and set it up Tuesday night and I dont have any of those problems.

Did you tighten the nut on the connecting bolt all the way? The nut has a nylon bushing inside and you can't get it tight enough by hand. You have to use a wrench. The shaft of the carriage bolt is square at the head, so it has to be installed so the head end of the bolt fits into the square channel on the non-drive side of the bike.

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