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ajbeck21 12-09-08 02:55 PM

new sidi zephyr mega
just got them in the mail never rode with them yet but my first impression is not good I wear a 13 wide shoe so i ordered the 48 mega they seem about 3/8 of an inch or so too long and the insole is not as wide as the shoe so a little of the inside of each foot hangs off the insole not comfy at all maybe i'll try some new insole's by the way i'm using crankbrothers candy sl's with the quattro 3 hole cleats is this a good setup or would i do better with a set of all road pedals

ajbeck21 12-09-08 04:12 PM

the more i look at them and wear them the more i dont like the length i think i'm going to send them back for the 47's and hopefully the insole's will feel better to

CliftonGK1 12-09-08 04:27 PM

I've never had much luck with the fit of Sidi shoes. I rode in Shimano shoes for a long time, and for the past couple years I've been wearing Forte (Performance house brand) shoes that only cost $35.

ajbeck21 12-09-08 04:38 PM

hows the size and fit of the forte's

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