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Missbumble 12-14-08 10:00 PM

Ride 60 - Silver Comet Extension Rails to Trails - and uphill to boot!
Hey yall well my bike computer is on the I imagine I went for a brief 18 miler today. I drove out to Rockmart (1 hour drive :() to meet up with some people from a local riding club - but got lost...and finally made it to the starting point. By the time I got there they had rode off. I did manage to find one woman and we rode for a while together until I had to turn around so I could make it back to catch my plane out to Chicago. The trail is usually flat - but the trail was extended and they built a connection going over a dump. Well, it did not smell so well and included a heck of a hill. I was gonna turn around right when I saw it - as I needed to rush back - but looked the hill in the face...and decided to go up the darn thang. No problemo! All in all it was a nice ride. part of the trail went right thur the middle of some poeple's farms. Serioudly acorss their pastrues with cows to either side. I felt liek saying,'scuse me coming through..hop y'all don't mind...

I felt kind of lazy though... Gone is my summer speed. I think the winter does make me a little slower. It was good though to get back onthe bike this weekend and ride both days. Now I am back in Chicgao and will hit the treadmill foir the rest of the week. :treadmill:

OK i took some pictures...cause my ride reports are boring even me...

Here's the trail - and the farms...

Here's the top of the huge hill... Well ok it doesn't look very menacing here...but it was a doozy..when you are expecting a nice flat trail

Finally, a friend i met a long the way. His front paw was bleeding,too. I felt bad but he seemed ok.

flip18436572 12-15-08 05:43 AM

I really hate to be inside after seeing ride reports coming from the south. Keep these posts up, so those of us stuck inside with -30 wind chill can think about what it would be like to ride outside again.

andrelam 12-17-08 11:28 AM

That looks like a very nice Fall ride. I love riding in the quiet country side around here. Enjoy the snow/ice free roads while they last!

Happy riding,

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